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Mar 14, 2010 08:22 PM

Visiting and needing specific Vancouver Eats

Visiting Vancouver/Richmond in April and need some recs for some places to chow. We come every year for about a week and have found some favorites, but wondering if some new ones have popped up.

Looking for...

XLB (I know there is always a lot of discussion around this)
Taiwanese Breakfast (You Tiao, Soybean Milk, Siao Bing, etc, We liked Double Double Wonton before they burned)
Beef Noodle Soup (Pulled or knife cut noodles, Taiwanese style)
Mid-priced high quality Sushi (doesn't have to be fancy, but of the higher quality)
Chinese bakery for a Birthday Cake
Non-Asian Fresh Seafood (Not fancy, just somewhere that knows how to good grilled halibut)
Chinese bakery for baked goods (BBQ Pork Bun, Pork Sung Bun, etc
Fish and Chips
Cantonese food for a party of 10 between $250 - $300 (Please included Vancouver)
Dim Sum
Best Muffins

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  1. XLB - Lin's, Chen's, Wang's, Long's
    Taiwanese Breakfast - I like the Shanghai breakfast (essentially the same components) at No 1 Shanghai...or Long's (I'm not a connaiseur of Taiwanese breakfast, so I hope others will chime in)
    Beef Noodle Soup - I'm not a connoisseur (try Wang's in Marpole...Master Hung at Aberdeen Mall in Richmond has been getting a lot of buzz.)
    Mid-priced high quality Sushi - Shiro, Lime, Sushi Hachi (in Richmond...not the one in Kerrisdale)
    Chinese bakery for cakes - Anna's or Michelle' about Goldilock's (Filipino)?
    Non-Asian Fresh Seafood - Joe Fortes? Coast? (Blue Water is pricey, and don't have grilled halibut, AFAIK).
    Chinese bakery for baked goods- Newtown
    Fish and Chips - Go Fish, Mr Pickwick's
    Cantonese food for a party of 10 ($250-300)- Koon Bo
    Dim Sum - Fisherman's Terrace, Sea Harhour
    Best Muffins - ?? I don't indulge.
    Gelato - Amore on Commercial Dr

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    1. re: fmed

      Thanks. I will check these out.

      1. re: fmed

        With respect to Chinese baked goods, if you are interested in "wife cakes" (lo paw ban), Kam Do in Richmond is famous for their wife cakes.
        For best muffins, you could check out Terra Breads(multiple locations). I can't speak to their muffins per se, but I really like their individual sized coffee cakes which are kind of muffin-like and other baked goods. You can check out their website:

        1. re: miss.foodie

          (grayelf, SO, and I were at Kam Do last week, but we didn't stay. We went to a Taiwanese dessert joint down the road instead). Another place for muffiny things is Uprising Breads.

          1. re: fmed

            Drat, I was thinking afterward I should have grabbed a couple of wife cakes to go as they looked really good. The place we went to instead, the goofily named Yummy Cafe, did live up to its promise with great milk tea, thick toast with gooey toppings and creamy pudding.

            1. re: grayelf

              They are the best in Vancouver. I always grab a half dozen everytime I'm back in Vancouver. I believe that the pastry master came from the famous Hong Kong bakery Hang Heung which does the best wife cakes. Flaky, shattering pastry and a wintermelon paste that has enough texture and chewiness without being ridiculously teeth numbingly sweet. Oh, now I'm drooling...
              Next time you're down there, grab one while they're still warm and consume outside where you can brush the crumbs off your clothes onto the ground (reminds me of a great banh mi where the baguette shatters all over you).

              Hong Kong Restaurant
              113 MacKenzie, Revelstoke, BC V0E2S1, CA

      2. I'm with fmed, Dolce Amore on Commercial for gelato! Favorite muffin in Vancouver goes to Little Nest (also on Commercial)- It's usually pear ricotta almond, or ricotta/ whatever fruit is in season. Their banana chocolate hazelnut muffins are great too.
        Also Savary Island Pie Co in West Van have muffins that look good, I've never had one but from tasting their other baked goods I bet they're just as delish.

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          I do the scone thing in the a.m. and though you didn't ask will chime in with Thomas Haas for either the asiago (savoury) or orange cranberry scone. These are the real deal, flaky and buttery but with some heft. You can get them on the west side at his store on Broadway or at 49th Parallel on 4th if you are in the mood to pair them with one of our better coffees.