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Mar 14, 2010 06:53 PM

Casual dinner in Soma or Mission

My husband and I are in SF for one night and are looking for a casual dinner place. We've had a full day apt hunting and didn't get a chance to do our restaurant research and would greatly appreciate all of your help.

We're looking for a casual, yet fun (we're in our early 30's), dinner in Soma or Mission and would like to get out for about $50-60 total, if possible. We're staying at the Palace Hotel and have a car. We're open to any type of cuisine except Indian and sushi. Thanks!

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  1. Lolo's on 22nd is one of my favorite spots in the Mission. It's Yucatenese/Turkish fusion and has a decor to match. Try the shrimp tacos with jicama for shells and the cheesecake.

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      Thanks, lannanh, but it looks like Lolo is closed on Sundays. We're moving here, so I'll keep it on my list!

      Any other suggestions?

    2. Try Limon Rotisserie or Ti Couz, should fit the budget.

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        Thanks for all the recommendations and so quickly! We went to Limon Rotisserie and it was exactly what we needed. Delicious food, casual relaxed atmosphere, fun vibe, and an incredible value...half a chicken, two small plates, and 4 sangrias with tax and tip came out to $60!

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          Glad you liked Limon Rotisserie. I was there Saturday for lunch. I do think the food is delicious (if a bit salty), and very well priced. On the topic of value, however, I was surprised to be charged (another $2.50) for a refill of my fountain Diet Coke. Didn't turn me off the place, but thought it was interesting to note.