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Mar 14, 2010 06:31 PM

Washington DC: Suggestions for a group of 17?

I am looking for restaurant suggestions for a group of 17 people that will be in Washington the first weekend in April for a family reunion. We'll have a few kids and 2 vegans in our group. We are staying in Georgetown (but don't need to stay in that area) and will be eating at least 2 dinners and a brunch together. Would like something interesting but not too expensive. I think we need to reserve soon because of the size of the group plus the holiday week so would be grateful for suggestions.
Some family members have suggested:
Rosa Mexicano
Old Ebbitt Grill for brunch

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  1. I've only been once, but my experience at Jaleo (the one in Crystal City) was very good indeed, and tapas would be perfect for a diverse, large group of people. It is definitely on the more expensive side though.

    For brunch I would recommend any of the many Clyde's (including Old Ebbitt Grill) in the D.C. area, although I'm not sure which ones would best accommodate a large group.

    I'm guessing it will be very difficult to find a place for brunch on Easter weekend, if that's what you were thinking, but who knows - good luck!

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      Thanks very much. It is indeed Easter weekend, April 4th which is why I thought we should book something very soon.

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        Old Ebbitt will be the best of the Clyde's group for a big group at brunch. They can seat an enormous amount of people. Good plan to book very soon, though. It's always busy for brunch even without a holiday thrown in the mix.

      2. I was just at Urbana (in the hotel Palomar near Dupont Circle) and there is a private room off the main dining room that would accommodate you. Since it is in a hotel they should be better able to work around the holiday weekend issues. Same for Tabard Inn (be SURE to make a reservation as far in advance as you can). Bistrot du Coin could handle a group that size with advance notice. Neyla is a pretty space with average food. Zed's has kind of fallen off the radar.

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