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Mar 14, 2010 05:31 PM

Richmond: ISO of lunch & dinner recs for local gems that serve adult bevs & are kid-friendly.

We'll be in town next wknd for a soccer tournament. We're a laid back bunch and need some recs for local gems (diners, ethnic eateries, healthy options) that are kid-friendly and where a person can have a beer. By kid friendly I don't mean Chuck E. Cheese, but rather a place with a casual atmosphere. Our kids are well-behaved and eat out-of-the-ordinary eats.

We'll be staying at W. Broad & I-64 and would like to dine in close proximity to that general area. We may venture over to the university for a collegiate soccer game in the evening so in between the two areas is fine.

I'm totally unfamiliar with what foods Richmond is known for so any insight you can offer would be much appreciated. TIA!

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  1. Try Kitchen 64. It's very kid friendly and close to where you are staying.

    1. First place that comes to mind is Mekong.....fabulous beer list, great Vietnamese and very family friendly and will be right in the area where you are staying.

      1. There is a restaurant called The Tavern located near Patterson and Three Chopt Rd. (7110 Patterson) that is about 1/2 way between Broad/I-64 and U of R (assume that is the University you are referencing.) Nice place, good food, nothing really exotic, but does have a local, casual, kid friendly atmosphere.

        1. If you make it down close to VCU campus, Ipanema is a great place for healthy, funky foods and to grab a beer. I agree with Janet about Mekong, it's delicious and has really fun cocktails! I am most familiar with the Fan area so if you come a little futher East on Broad St there are lots of gems. Chiocca's on Belmont is a fantastic sandwich shop/basement dive that serves beer and is always entertaining. Weezie's in Carytown is kid friendly and has a full bar, they also serve breakfast. Not the most inventive menu I have ever seen but it's good, solid food. I also like Elephant Thai at VCU.

          1. Wow, lots of great choices - thanks everyone! I checked out all the websites and this is a well-rounded selection of places that all look to meet my criteria. I can't wait to try them out. I'll report back! Thanks again!