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Mar 14, 2010 05:24 PM

La Jolla Recommendations

My boyfriend and I are going to visit La Jolla from the Bay Area next month. We will be there a short amount of time. Looking for restaurant recommendations for places with a view, good food and not outrageously expensive. Open to various types of cuisine, mostly seeking relaxing, vacation worthy experience with solid food and good service. I realize that most places in La Jolla are fairly expensive.


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  1. George's California Modern is this board's darling for fine dining with a great view in La Jolla.

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      Thanks, Captain Jack! I will check it out.

    2. Nine-Ten and Manhattan are worth a stop by.

      And of course La Valencia, is essential for the La Jolla experience.

      1. I really like Whisknladle. They are doing great farm to table smallish plates. They also now have a selection of $3 tapas. We recently tried the homemade salami, shrimp, patatas bravas and lamb meatballs with couscous. It was a great selection and that and a salad made quite a meal. I really enjoy sitting in the bar area.

        1. Coffee Cup Cafe for breakfast, brunch and casual lunch
          Roppongi's for their happy hour (all apps/tapas 50% off from 4-6 pm every day. 3-4 of them make a meal)
          2nd George's, esp for the formal dining downstairs.
          Nine-Ten is also very good.
          The Cottage is decent for breakfast.
          Piatti's for lunch or dinner.
          skip Brockton Villa--food is meh, even though there's a view.

          1. Tapenade has excellent food and service, but they are located slightly inland from the water a few blocks.