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Zabb -- new menu? new ownership?

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It seems that as of very recently, Zabb Thai is under new ownership with a completely new menu...Has anyone tried it yet? This was my go-to delivery food. I'm not sure if they still deliver, but they certainly don't make the same dishes and don't have a takeout menu available yet.

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  1. no more crispy duck salad? that would be sad, as it was the best one in town.

    1. Went to Zabb tonight to check out the new menu. Let me say upfront that I know nothing about Esan Thai food. My fiancé and I were surprised to see how different the new menu is. I was a big fan of the noodle dishes at Zabb, but alas they are no more. I ended up getting chinese broccoli and crispy pork, for sake of comparison. We had ordered that a few times in the past and enjoyed it. The dish was served with white rice, though I think that was only at my request. There were a few pieces of pork that were inedible, but otherwise the flavor was nice. I didn't specify a heat level (and our waiter didn't ask me), and consequently the dish was a little too spicy for my taste. My SO ordered the duck larb (something he'd never tried before) with sticky rice and a Thai iced tea. His dish wasn't as spicy as he'd like, but he wasn't sure about the heat level given the new management -- he ordered "medium" when he typically orders "hot"... Maybe we're just not fans of that dish, but it wasn't anything special.

      We will sorely miss the wonderful dishes we so frequently enjoyed at Zabb. At least the service is still friendly!

      Zabb Elee
      71-28 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

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        I was a BIG fan of crispy pork and chinese broccoli at Zabb, and it was never really that spicy. A bit in a garlicky way, but not serious heat.

        Don't know about the crispy duck salad, but they don't do the mock duck version of said crispy duck salad, as I discovered when calling for a pick-up, which is a real shame as my vegetarian friends loved it. Does Zabb City still do it?

        Zabb Elee
        71-28 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

        1. re: Widmark

          Is Zabb now open for lunch or or is it still open for dinner only?

          Zabb Elee
          71-28 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11372

          1. re: urbanp

            I passed by today. No lunch.