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Mar 14, 2010 04:17 PM

Dry aging beef in your own fridege.

I saw someone doing this on TV but I wasn't paying proper attention. Something like wrapping it in cheese cloth. Does anyone know any more details?

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  1. alton brown did an episode on it. search food network?

    1. Read Hugh Fearnsley-Whittingsal's River Cottage Meat Book for a great discussion on this topic, as well as many suggested approaches for different cuts/types of meats. It's the best discussion I have found thus far. There is too much to it to do the topic justice here unless you have a specific question about a particular cut (IMHO). Approach depends on what you're trying to accomplish and it also depends on what cuts you have to start with. Individual steaks, for example, don't dry age well--though an entire 7 bone rib roast can be aged very well.

      If you find other great sources, please post here! It's a subject in which I have great interest too! Good luck. Let us know how you make out. I am trying to buy a refrigerator that I can dedicate to dry aging and charcuterie. Will post photos and results as I can convert this pipe dream into reality....

        1. Thank you to all. No room for an extra fridge in my place, but I will be looking for ways to do this.

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            No room in mine either. . . let us know if you think of anything!