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Mar 14, 2010 02:51 PM

Walking distance from Larkspur Landing?

Are there any restaurants near the Larkspur Landing that we could walk to in the morning? I've tried to search and haven't come up with anything. Maybe that's because there isn't anything?

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  1. You can follow the walking path that starts by the ferry terminal and walk about a mile to Bon Air Shopping Center. The path takes you under the freeway, and past the rowing club. (20 minute walk?) When you come to a cluster of townhouses with some open grassy areas, cut over to the shopping center. If you come to a big hill you have gone too far. There you will find Cafe Z, Fifi's Diner, Peet's Coffee, Noah's Bagels and Jamba Juice. I can't rate these establishments, I only know they are there.

    1. Take a cab to Pier 15 in San Rafael, a 5 minute ride but worth it.

      1. An elevated walkway connects the Ferry Terminal lot with Larkspur Landing shopping. In the mall are two brewpubs, E & O Trading Co (sister to the one on Sutter St in downtown SF) and Sushi Ko. Beers at Marin Brewing are pretty good, food not so. Sushi Ko I have not been to in a couple of years but used to think it second in Marin only to Sushi Ran in Sausalito. Following the same walking path described by maxie you come to Jason's, a middle-of-the-road Cal restaurant which is the favorite of many Marinites but I thought not inspiriing.