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Mar 14, 2010 01:11 PM

Best bars with great food in NOLA

I'm coming to town for just 2 nights on business, and i want to go to places both nights with 3 of my friends who live there to drink beer and have a great meal without having to get dressed up. Last time I was in Nola, we went to Port of Call, and that's exactly the kind of place I want again. Anywhere between the French Quarter and Uptown would be ideal. I live in NYC, but have been to Nola several times over the past few years, work in the food industry, and was born and raised in MS, so please give me real cliches or tourist traps because I'll know them if I see them. Thanks for any help!

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  1. Whenever we go to NO and are looking for some really good bar food, we go over to the Alibi on Iberville

    1. How's the food at Delachaise these days, it used to be better than most bars and not real bar food either.
      Frankie and Johnnies, you can sit at the bar with all the old timers and hear their stories and get good food there as well.

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        I think Delachaise has been really steadily downhill since Chef Chris left...and overpriced in my opinion.

        Mimi's in the Marigny could be a good choice, a cool bar w/ tapas.

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          I like the Delachaise food, but I usually order the same things, the fries and a cheese plate.

        2. Cooter Brown's is an easy streetcar ride from the quarter and a pretty cool place. Fantastic beer selection and good bar food.

          1. I'm a big fan of J'Anita's and The Avenue Pub on St. Charles. Easy to get to, and I really like the food.

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                +10000 on this one! BY FAR the best bar food in the city IMHO. I ate at Cooter Browns last night and wasn't impressed.

              2. if you're willing, head to Rivershack Tavern.
                or go to Cooter's.