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Best bars with great food in NOLA

I'm coming to town for just 2 nights on business, and i want to go to places both nights with 3 of my friends who live there to drink beer and have a great meal without having to get dressed up. Last time I was in Nola, we went to Port of Call, and that's exactly the kind of place I want again. Anywhere between the French Quarter and Uptown would be ideal. I live in NYC, but have been to Nola several times over the past few years, work in the food industry, and was born and raised in MS, so please give me real recommendations...no cliches or tourist traps because I'll know them if I see them. Thanks for any help!

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  1. Whenever we go to NO and are looking for some really good bar food, we go over to the Alibi on Iberville

    1. How's the food at Delachaise these days, it used to be better than most bars and not real bar food either.
      Frankie and Johnnies, you can sit at the bar with all the old timers and hear their stories and get good food there as well.

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        I think Delachaise has been really steadily downhill since Chef Chris left...and overpriced in my opinion.

        Mimi's in the Marigny could be a good choice, a cool bar w/ tapas.

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          I like the Delachaise food, but I usually order the same things, the fries and a cheese plate.

        2. Cooter Brown's is an easy streetcar ride from the quarter and a pretty cool place. Fantastic beer selection and good bar food.

          1. I'm a big fan of J'Anita's and The Avenue Pub on St. Charles. Easy to get to, and I really like the food.

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                +10000 on this one! BY FAR the best bar food in the city IMHO. I ate at Cooter Browns last night and wasn't impressed.

              2. if you're willing, head to Rivershack Tavern.
                or go to Cooter's.

                1. Avenue Pub is flat out awesome for beer. The food and the cooking staff, not so much.

                  Nothing better for craft beer in the area though and worth the visit.

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                    I gotta agree about the staff...not friendly AT ALL. But what did you eat that wasn't good? Everything I've eaten there has been above average. I LOVE the St. Chuck Duck sandwich and the burgers are really good too.

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                      Avenue Pub/J'Anita's food is great, and Kimmie and Craig are genuinely nice if they aren't slammed. I have found their specials to be high quality, and terrific value.

                      Cooter Brown's has GREAT oysters, all else is just OK

                      River Shack has a CIA-trained chef AT LUNCH. DIN DIN is good, but not at the same level.

                      Delachaise is worth a pass at this point.

                      Coops is a dive, but the fried chicken is first rate!

                      Meauxbar, although more of a bistro than a bar, is REALLY good

                      French 75, although the complete other end of the spectrum from Coops, is an AMAZING bar, and adjacent to Arnaud's dining room

                      For a Japanese experience like none other in town, Yuki's Izakaya is also well worth a look

                  2. also check out Orleans Grapevine

                    1. It's a little off your route, but Mimi's in the Marigny, on the corner of Royal and Franklin in the Marigny. It's a joint, a bar with excellent tapas and, most nights, music upstairs.

                      1. The first time I went to Down the Hatch in the Lower Garden District, I was reminded of Port of Call, great burgers, friendly atmosphere. They also have pretty great happy hours.

                        Port of Call
                        838 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116

                        1. Mimi's is always a fave of mine. Plenty of tapas.

                          Yo Mama's is not unlike Port of Call with great burgers. Also a great spot if you're a tequila fan. They have something like 96 kinds.

                          I like Cure's bar food, but it definitely isn't a Port of Call vibe. More on the trendy side, but definitely not a tourist spot.

                          13, on Frenchman, is a decent bar with pretty good food (nothing mind-blowing though). It's non-smoking, which is quite nice if you don't like so much smoke. Plus it's on Frenchman. And while I'm on the topic of Frenchman you could always eat at the Taco Truck there and barhop for music and drink variety.

                          Port of Call
                          838 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116

                          1. Ye Olde College Inn has a lively bar scene.

                            Ye Olde College Inn
                            3000 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118

                            1. I don't see the Bulldog on here... It's a "Beer Tavern" with the most amazing selection of beers. Typical bar grub, but it's pretty good. I hade a great Jambalaya when I was last there. It's uptown on Magazine, but WELL worth it if you're a beer lover.