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Mar 14, 2010 01:08 PM

Need Help with a trip to Sedona in early April

My husband and I will be going to Sedona for 2 nights. Our first night we'd like to eat in town. The Enchantment Resort recommends a few restaurants and I am trying to choose between Dahl and Deluca, Cucina Rustica (I know they are owned by the same person) and possibly Elote, but since they don't take reservations and we're coming from the East Coast, we are not willing to wait an hour and a half for a table. Any other suggestions? We like great food and wine, and his birthday is the next day.

The second night we will probably eat at The Enchantment since we are going on a 10-11 hour trip to the Grand Canyon. That trip offers an option of lunch at El Tovar. Is the extra #30pp worth the meal at El Tovar?

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  1. Hello again. I replied to your other post without realizing that you were staying at Enchantment - Cucina Rustica and Fork in the Road are both very good but are close to 20 miles from where you'll be staying. Dahl and Deluca or Heartline Cafe are much less of a drive, and either would be a good choice (I chose Heartline for my birthday dinner last month!).

    As for El Tovar, you can certainly have lunch there for less than $30 pp - they probably have a menu on line.

    Have a happy birthday and a lovely vacation!

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      Thank you so much--this was definitely helpful.

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        Also - too bad that you'll miss Elote, which has some of the best Mexican food that you'll find anywhere. But...dare I mention it in the same post?....LosBetos in the Village of Oak Creek, which will be on your way out of town if you're heading to Phoenix, has pretty good, prepared to order Mexican "fast" food.

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