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Mar 14, 2010 12:29 PM

Five New Ben & Jerry's Flavors - Can't Find Them Anywhere!


I live around/near Columbus Circle and Hell's Kitchen. Ben & Jerry's has five new flavors out and I can't find them anywhere.

-Boston Cream Pie
-Dulce Delish
-Milk & Cookies
-Mud Pie
-Peanut Brittle

All the stores around me carry all the same flavors all the time. Anyone know where I can find any (or all of these flavors) in Manhattan?

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  1. You can find the darnedest information on the Ben and Jerry's web site:

    Also: free cone day is coming up!

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    1. re: Muskrat

      Yeah - but they don't include the new flavors on the Flavor Locator.

      Believe me - I will be attending free cone day!

    2. Boston Cream Pie, Mud Pie, and Milk & Cookies were definitely at the Harlem Fairway yesterday. Don't recall seeing the other two.