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Mar 14, 2010 12:04 PM

Black Hoof Cafe - Review with Pics

Went for brunch yesterday... kinda sad since apparently today they are launching some new menu items that I would of loved to try. But no complaints from the menu on the day we went, just means I have to head down again soon :p

started off sharing the Ploughman's Breakfast:
This was an assortment mixed charcuterie and two types of cheese (one aged goats milk, one soft cows milk), mustard and pickles (gherkins, carrots and spicy cauliflower). The meats where tasty as per-usual, the cheese where outstanding, the creamy soft cows milk one (for get the name, but both were from quebec). The mustard for one of my fellow diners was to strong in vinegar, but I rather enjoyed it as it cut the fat/creamyness of the meats and cheeses very well.

Blood Susage and Crepes

Tongue Grilled Cheese

Hoof Hash:

Eggs Benny:

The eggs on all dishes were perfectly poached, the sandwich was not as filling as my friend wanted (lucky we got the shared dish prior), the biscuits the eggs benny were served on were slightly on the hard/crusty side, but when used to soak up the hollandaise it was perfect.

Long wait to be seated (as expected with such a crammed space and no reservations... but once seated serves was polite, knowledgeable and attentive.

Came to about $25 a person after tip with no alcohol

Also was able to pick up a platter for 'take out' that I served at a friends party.

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  1. Thanks for the review and pics! Just wondering how much the take out platter was and how many people did it serve?

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    1. re: JennaBean

      Take out platter was $50... it came with:
      12 different types of curred meats (including their blueberry bison)
      1 piece of terrine
      2 cups of duck liver mousse
      2 kinds of mustard
      Pork Rinds
      Assorted pickles
      Full loaf of bread

      served around 10-15people in the end (not everyone at the party was very adventurous)... did end up getting some leftovers that I am still munching on, probably could of served up to 20

      the price point was by my choosing, so it isn't a set amount. I am sure if you email Grant you could find something that suits you best. He is very approachable and replies quickly to his email.

      you can find it on their twitter account

      1. re: flying101

        Those pictures are fantastic and that take out platter looks like a pretty good deal. Looks like Grant is pretty much doing everything right.

        1. re: flying101

          That seems like a great deal for the quality of product! Thanks very much for the info.

      2. About 8 of us when to the Black Hoof 2 months ago (right before they opened the second location across the street). I won't go into what we ate, all I can say is we were all very adventurous that night. Would I go back - damn straight I would. Excellent food, great price point. We live in Oshawa with 2 kids so it's not an easy go for us. The friends we went with from TO have all been back - numerous times to mention really.

        Is the wait worth it - we waited 1.5 hours in the FREEZING COLD - I would do it again!

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        1. re: BusterRhino

          Next time walk east for about 5 minutes and have beer in The Press Club while you wait. It will be warmer!

          1. re: haggisdragon

            We were actually going to do that - and we should of. The wait was only supposed to be about 20 minutes but the 2 parties that were there took longer than expected. Was worth it though 100%.

        2. Thanks for this. The takeout platter is a great idea. Got to say I loved the Hoof but had no plans of returning as it's not 1-2 hour wait good for me personally. Not to mention my experience was similar to your review, all the charcuterie was awesome good, but some of the surrounding players were not up to snuff. Knowing I can get just the meat without the wait...priceless.

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          1. re: JPJ

            For the black hoof I would suggest either aiming to arrive JUST at 6pm, or every 2hrs post 6pm to get the shortest wait (so 8pm, 10pm, 12pm... last call for food on thurs-sat is 1:00pm+) 10pm-11pm being your best bet for a table in my experience, I have never had to wait more then 15min at those hours but maybe I am just lucky?

            the cafe for brunch is a diff story, expect a wait on the weekends... but they do take your number and give you a call so you can leave and come back.

          2. I was planning on sneaking here for lunch during the day on Thurs or Fri. Anyone know how busy the cafe is on weekdays?

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            1. re: Hmm

              Paid a visit this past Thursday; arrived at 11:30, open tables. During our yummy meal, steady but never long lines.

            2. I have yet to try Black Hoof or the Hoof Cafe but plan to shortly. If I had to choose one, which would it be? One thing - on a recent trip to Lille, I went to La Part des Anges - seems the presentation is lot messier in Toronto and in Lille, the bread kept flowing. Someone talk up the Hoofs to me, please! for my Lille experience - the MIXTE

              The Black Hoof
              928 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

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              1. re: Calam1ty

                You want to go to the Hoof. Remember the Cafe only serves brunch and "snacks" not the full dinner.

                If I comparing your pictures to what I have been served at the Hoof it is not messier, remember the plloughman's lunch in the original review here is NOT the same as the charcutarie at the main restaurant. I will comment that the one thing I found a little silly here is that they charge for bread.

                1. re: Calam1ty

                  The black hoof is only open at night 6pm+ the cafe serves brunch, and after 6pm serves 'snacks'

                  1. re: Calam1ty

                    Here are some pics so you can compare the charcuterie at the black hoof... it doesn't come with cheese or bread (both you have to pay separately for $15/25 for the cheese $4/6 for the bread if I can remember the prices)

                    Here are some photos (sorry for the poor images of the charcuterie plates, it is very dark and me lens couldn't fit the whole board in 1 image)