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Mar 14, 2010 12:00 PM

Surprise, surprise! Honey's Beestro on Ave. Closed.

Just drove by and the windows are papered-up; not that I am surprised. That place stunk. However, there was an "opening soon" sign along with the paper.

Anyone know anything?

Also, any confirmation of Coldstone going into the old Second Cup on Ave. Rd? Construction for something is underway but as of yet, no signage at all.

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  1. i was dragged to the Honey's once. it was not good at all.

    1. What about others in the Honey's 'Hive' group of restaurants. There's one at Eglinton and Avenue Rd., and the 'Hive' or whatever it's called is on Jarvis. I've never been in one, but wondered about them.

      1. This was an awful experience, staff was fine, food not what they advertised, coleslaw replaced with a few lettuce leafs, cone fries replaced with ordinary fries. Out of those items, even after there were 2 people in the place. had to argue over pricing for specials, tols they were over at 4.00pm - these guys will not last long cutting corners and upsetting customers. This was at their Bayview location and I will never be back there

        Honey's Beestro
        5555 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M9C5M1, CA

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          And their Etobicoke location on Eg recently became some other pub.

        2. Last I saw the Bayview and Highway 7 location was still open.

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            Its still open but I never see anyone inside. I doubt it will be for that much longer.