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Betty Bakery experiences?

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Anybody have anything to say? I need a cake for 16 for my parents' 50th anniversary. Thanks!

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  1. I had a cupcake there (over a year ago) that I wasn't too impressed with. Maybe the cakes are better? For a semi-local alternative, I have had great luck with cakes for family birthdays at Baked. My father loved the coconut layer cake, and we got a hazelnut one for my sister's birthday that was equally adored. My family requests these cakes now for birthdays!

    1. Simply fabulous cakes. Beautiful. Famously delicious. Famously expensive, too.

      1. I went once when they opened tried a couple of things and was not impressed (particularly with the frosting) think Baked is better but more expensive, maybe better ingredients, - more recent comment would help you more

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          Thanks, everybody. Sounds like I'll have to at least stop by both Baked and Betty Bakery. I'll check out prices and perhaps a cupcake.

        2. I get the chocolate valrhona cake pretty regularly for special occasions and have never been disappointed. I think it is one of the better cakes around.

          1. I'm probably jumping in a little late, but I've used Betty/ Ellen Baumwoll for 3 very special occasions...my wedding (red velvet cupcakes), my husband's 40th (chocolate ganache pool table cake), and my son's birthday (carrot cake with butter cream). Pricey? yes.
            All 3 times I used this place, the results were fresh and delicious. The carrot cake was the biggest hit.

            1. Got my wedding cake and wedding cupcakes here. Very pricey (spent more on the cakes than the dress). BUT all of it was delicious. We always get each others birthday cakes (love the mango butercream).