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Mar 14, 2010 11:04 AM

deli catering?

I'm hosting a lunch party and wanted to buy some deli platters. Good deli - real deli. I was thinking about Koch's or maybe 4th street? But I don't know whether to trust either, and am hoping someone has some suggestions for the best old school Jewish deli. Lox, bagels, whitefish, turkey, etc.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Why would you not trust these places? We get fish platters at Famous 4th St and they are always excellent. The quality is top notch for both meat and fish. But, you definitely pay for it--not cheap. They also have great fish selection; stuff you don't see around too much anymore like machas herring, whole smoked sturgeon, kippered salmon, smoked salmon filets, etc. along with the more typical lox, whitefish salad, etc. We always pick up so not sure about delivery. FWIW their bagels are fine, but we usually get them instead from Rolling's (Elkins Park) or Filabagel (Jenkintown) where they are better, but that is probably not convenient for everyone.

    I like Koch's for sandwiches, but the quality is definitely a step down from Famous. The meats are shrink wrapped deli meats, even the corned beef; at Famous everything is cooked in house. Not sure about the fish/fish salads at Koch's.

    DiBruno's also does smoked fish platters but for the money I'd take Famous any day.