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Mar 14, 2010 09:55 AM

wedding reception venue, 50-75 people?

Posted this in the Manhattan board, but we live in Brooklyn and would love to do it there as well, so reposting here, hope that's okay...

Am going to investigate Madiba & Ici, but would love other ideas!

Hi everyone, I know there are suggestions all over the board, have looked into a few but thought I'd ask the experts with my situation in detail:

We are looking for a place to host a wedding reception, Saturday night, August in the city, after our city park ceremony - ( or city hall if it's pouring rain...)

Guest list is 50-75 people.
Don't need a full bar, wine/beer + maybe one sig cocktail is plenty.
For me a wedding with no dancing is a drag! So we'd like a place that we can plug an ipod into, as we are on an extreme budget....would like to stay under 5k including everything, if that's possible!

It doesn't have to be fancy AT ALL, just want a fun, unstuffy atmosphere that is nice in the summertime, outdoor space would be grand but not necessary.

And the final kicker to make this difficult, for reasons I can't go into on the internet - we can't book the place until June. I know that sounds strange and insane, and maybe impossible - but we are not making any "official wedding plans" until then. It will all have to come together very quickly in about 6 weeks. The situation is complex. I'm hoping that the usual Manhattan August business slowdown will free something up - I'm now at your mercy, chowhounders!

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  1. That seems like a small budget, so I don't know if these will work, but here goes... I went to a wedding at Aurora in Williamsburg and that was lovely (I'm guessing 75 people for 5k may not be their price point but never hurts to inquire). My second suggestion is Bar Toto in Park Slope. We went to a wedding there as well and it was great fun and the staff was excellent and the food was pretty good too.