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Mar 14, 2010 09:14 AM

Going to Perennial and Mercat next week. Suggestions?

I'm going to both restaurants next weekend. Any suggestions what what I MUST try, and what I must avoid? Both food and wine suggestions are greatly appreciated. Also, is the black truffle gnochi really that good at Perennial?

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  1. At Mercat, the beef short-ribs are wonderful. Also the scallops, and the stuffed dates. Skip the shrimp in garlic oil.

    1. The short ribs are also wonderful at Perennial. Never had the gnocchi there. Brunches are also excellent.
      Don't miss the charcuteria at Mercat.

      1. The thing to remember at Mercat is that it's tapas (small plates), so you get to try a whole lot of different things, and they are normally served family-style, i.e. it's expected that each dish will be passed around. When I had dinner there, there were four of us, and I think we ordered something like 14 different dishes. So even if you find one or two not to your liking, it's no big deal because there are plenty more to choose from.

        1. Thanks for all the input. I'm really looking forward to both places!