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Mar 14, 2010 08:12 AM

APDC Cabane à sucre 2010

Went to APDC cabane à sucre last night. The place was again bustling, the service nice and friendly although we had a couple of hiccups. First, we were told that a fishless omelette would be served to the persons who had severe allergies in our party, which never happenned. A mix up apparently. That was comped with shooters for all of us so no harm no foul. Also, we had a lot of leftovers and were told that it was not possible to doggy bag them. They glady do it at the restaurant though... Oh well.

On to the food, the apps are basically the same. Pea soup with foie gras, buckwheat pancakes with cretons and gravlax and a salad with oreilles de crisse, ham and cheese. Everything tasted as I remembered it. It also came with chicken feet dipped in a tangy BBQ sauce. Not being fond of offal and such, it left me kind of indifferent.

On to the mains, there was a smoked fish omelette with beef brisket on top. The brisket was falling apart and very meety and tasty. There was a head of cabbage stuffed with lobster on top of a black lentils ragu. Didn't taste it due tu allergies. There was also a big confit duck leg and beef tongue. The duck was quite good. Again with my offal aversion, I wasn't impressed with the tongue. Tried it anyway but hated it. Just a matter of me not liking the stuff, nothing was wrong with it.

Desserts saved it for me. The banana split was the star along with a maple mille-feuilles. It also came with tire d'érable on snow and small crêpes bathing in syrup.

All in all, I left a little disappointed. Maybe it was the novelty effect that worn out, maybe the mains were not up my alley but I felt that for $75 with tip and drinks I didn't get enough for my money. I would have gone much farther at the restaurant for the same amount.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm going in two weeks so it's nice to know what is on the menu this year. I'm not a big fan of offal either but I'll try to give the chicken feet and the tongue a try,

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    1. re: PadmeSkywalker

      Already booked up for the 2010 season... missed out yet again!! :(

    2. Bring your own Tupperware and then bring the leftovers home.I saw a guy scooping his into a plastic container. We didn't have any but my friend wrapped up the meat pie in the brown paper and took it with her.

      1. Great over-view. Thank you! We're headed out the weekend after this so, as PS mentioned, it's nice for a bit of an idea of what to expect.

        Regarding the doggy-bagging; I'm wondering if that, due to the Cabane a Sucre supposedly being a 'lab' of sorts for Martin, that they prefer not having these items taken home and manipulated for other restaurant's potential recipes. One can only wonder. At any rate, I have no issue respecting their wishes.

        Also, as you mentioned, Campofiorin, this being our second year going I'm fully expecting to take a break after this one as well. Interesting feast but not every year, surely.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Possible there was a difference from the 1st weekend, but here are the differences that we had last night:

            The egg omelet has pulled pork shoulder in the center, with smoked mackerel
            Duck is actually chicken half cooked in maple syrup
            Cabbage was stuffed with lobster, foie gras and pork
            Dessert had grand-meres (not crepes) fried in duck fat bathing in syrup.

            I saw some people walk out with the meat pie in pizza style boxes w/APDC logos on them - possibly purchased to go?

            Good food. Martin was there - and what irked me is that he only stopped by the tables were people bought his signed cookbook - with not more than 106people there and two sittings, a quick chat at each table would have been nice. But it did not affect how I found the experience. Loved it.

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            1. re: krazykanuck

              Lucky you! He wasn't there when we went from what I could see. That sucks that he didn't stop by to say hi to the other tables. I noticed that they were selling maple cotton candy, t-shirts, tourtiere and some other food items but strangely enough the cookbook was the only thing I didn't see.

              1. re: krazykanuck

                The night I was there, he only stopped by the tables were people bought high-priced wines.

                Personally, I preferred last year's dishes, by far.

                It was a bit frustrating to be able to stare at the huge and superb beef cuts hanging in the meat cold room while being served tongue...

                That said, we had a fantastic evening. It took 24h before I could eat something.

                1. re: Lowrent

                  these comments about where Picard chooses to stop by are strange to me. Indeed, I was there last year with a large group of 22 to 32-year-olds. We mostly drank beer, with one of us 'splurging' on an inexpensive bottle of wine. Even so, Picard stopped by our table and spoke to us for a while, saying he was glad to see young people enjoying themselves.
                  this man has his faults, but I highly doubt he would stop by tables only because of their wine purchases.

                  1. re: alixium

                    You're right to correct me.
                    He probably simply knew somebody at this table in particular. No big deal ;)

                    Anyway, Martin or not, the Cabane is an impossible to miss yearly feast, for me.