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Mar 14, 2010 08:11 AM

Lunch near Musee Rodin

We are looking for a nice lunch in the area when we visit the Musee Rodin in late May. I think that Arpege may be a sensory overload. Does anyone have an opinion on Auguste? From my research it looks like that is the closest option. The other choice seems to be walking over to La Tour Marbourg or St Dominic fro many more choices. Thanks in advance.

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  1. There are several resonably priced spots nearby; we like Le Lotus Blanc (Viet) and L'Expo. Cafe de Grenelle is also OK for something like a Croque etc. The lunch menu at Auguste is a good deal, if you can tolerate the ambiance.

    1. It is quite a restaurant desert, I would either head over to rue St Dominique or if you want a casual meal head along rue de Varenne to rue du Bac. There are a few places at the junction of the two roads, and more if you head up towards Bon Marche. Don't worry about all the police on rue de Varenne, you are walking past the Prime Ministers home at Hotel Matigon.

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        Although it is about 500yds from the Rodin, there is a quality , funky little bistro right behind the Musée on Rue Verneuil called Cinq Mars. It would be best to reserve as it is very popular. We very much enjoyed a lunch at Auguste featuring a foie gras millefeuille and a superb pork chop and a chocolate souffle that dreams are made of. On down Rue de Bourgogne at the Place du Palais Bourbon is another good choice, Tante Marquerite.

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          The mention of funky little bistro reminds me of the timeless "Au Pied du Fouet" on rue Bonaparte. Good decent steak-frites kind of place. Très bistro. Don't expect opulence for the leisure class.
          Personally, a truely opulent leisurely lunch may just be a jar of foie gras and baguette + un coup de rouge right in the garden of the Rodin museum, in front of the sculptures…

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            I had forgotten about Cinq Mars (behind Musee d'Orsay), it is a little further than 500m, maybe just over 1km but still only a short walk. It is good, fine good bistro food serving the local residents, although remember this is embassy territory so they are well heeled locals.

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              I didn't mention Le Cinq Mars as it is a bit of a walk, but it's a great place, not dominated by us touristas. The mousse is to die for.

        2. Someone should mention Tante Marguerite -- it is a bit further than Auguste on rue de Bourgogne, but it's totally worth it (not to criticize Auguste, haven't been).

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            i haven't tried it yet but Jadis is getting a lot of buzz and it's not TOO far from Rodin (10 minute walk, maybe?). And, if it were me, i'd decide to walk a bit and either head over to Tour Maubourg for L'Ami Jean, which is really fun & good basque food. or, if you feel like a bit more of a walk, les Cocottes is a fun lunch stop!

            1. re: forestcollins

              10 mins to go from Musée Rodin to Jadis? Let's hope the restaurant has a shower for the customers! I walk fairly quickly and would say it's a 30-ish minutes walk...
              L'Ami Jean is much closer.

              1. re: olivierb

                Yes, Jadis is a "short" 3km walk from the Musee Rodin. Chez l'Ami Jean is about 1km (15 minute) walk but it is in rue Malar not Tour Maubourg

          2. Le 122 - 122, rue de Grenelle in the 7th,, closed weekends, with a lunch formula at 16,50, menu-carte at 35 and 20 € - not far at all, super food.
            Pix at

            John Talbott