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Mar 14, 2010 06:39 AM

Cielito LIndo, Beverly - Huge Disappointment

Went there last week. Busy for a weeknight so thought that was a good sign, but alas it was not to be. Waiter must've been in the weeds b/c he forgot our app. along w/chips and salsa - delivered late. Rec'd meals and pollo mole was an enchilada which was not incorrect. Told it would take just a few minutes to correct. Asked for and rec'd another order of queso to tide him over which was good. 20 min. later - seriously - rest of party was done eating by now, got it and truly disliked it. Told waiter and manager/owner came over and told us he would not take it off the bill b/c he had eaten too much of it!! We had each tried a bite to see if we agreed or not, so like 4 bites taken. Cannot believe he gave us a hard time over a $14 meal which was served incorrectly to begin with and then very late! Overall, meals w/doused in sauce and cheese - not what we expected from a "traditional" Mexican restaurant. This is my 2nd visit and we will not return!

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  1. Yikes! I'm surprised to hear this, and sorry for your experience. We have always had excellent service and good food there. It's not high-end, that's for sure, but their guac is wonderful, and I've had some excellent fish dishes. I agree that any dish that couldn't be eaten should certainly have been taken off the bill.

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      Tried it; it is not even in the realm of Mexican food. I make better food in my microwave. Yuck. Your treatment was inexcusable adding insult to bad service and food. There is a huge opening for someone to open a good taqueria or real SW /Tex/Mex on the NS.