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Mar 14, 2010 06:27 AM

where can I buy pretzel salt?

I've just started making my own soft pretzels at home, and liking it enough to go out and buy pretzel salt.

To be honest, I was fine using course sea salt, but that got some complaints from the gf, and she eats as many of them as I do.

is there someplace easy to go get this stuff?


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  1. Wouldn't that be Kosher salt, available almost everywhere?
    What was the complaint about sea salt?

    1. There's a ton of those Philadelphia Pretzel franchises, you could probably buy some from them.

      1. I make pretzels and use coarse Kosher salt (morton's) that I bought at a regular grocery store.

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        1. re: meagan

          I've got the kosher salt, i'm hoping to find something that will stay intact during the baking process, but that is a bit smaller and, hopefully, less crunchy.
          did consider asking at one of the pretzel factories.

            1. re: Bob Loblaw

              I also use coarse kosher salt. I sprinkle it on when I take them out of the boiling pot, and it has held up through baking.

          1. Hi, Bob. Kosher salt is indeed what they use on Philadelphia type soft pretzels. I suggest that you apply the salt AFTER baking the pretzels if you want it to stay on. You could slightly mist the baked pretzels with water or dip/coat them using butter and then sprinkling them with the course salt. This will achieve the outcome that you are looking for.

            1. NO, do not use kosher salt! Get the real thing, its worth the investment. I buy pretzel flake salt on line from the Spice Barn., at