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Mar 14, 2010 05:40 AM

Central--Other than the Burger

Good morning hounds,
I hope everyone is waking up this morning despite the spring forward-shortened night.
I need a suggestion for my next visit to Central. I have been there for the burger several times and have always found it to be one of the best in the area. Unfortunately, last night's left something to be desired. It was cooked medium rare or cooler in some spots even though I requested Medium. It was also a bit sloppily put together. I couldn't even make it through one bite without the burger and toppings sliding right out of the bun (which was quite soggy on the bottom). i had to send back the fries because the insides were still a little tough (in the fryer for too short of a time?) but they were good the second time around. The food itself was quite good but eaten with a fork following all the falling apart. No problem at all. Has anyone had a similar experience? I can get the sloppy, no frills burger at Ray's.
However, I like the place a lot in general and still want it on my list of go-to restaurants. Hopefully, I can get a recommendation for my next visit.
Please help.

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  1. I love their beef tartare, although I'm curious if you'd be interested since you order your burger medium. My husband and I have also tried the rabbit and really enjoyed it. Those are our go-to items when we dine at Central.

    1. There are so many wonderful dishes at Central. Many times I just put together a few of the appetizers for a meal. The duck rillets and faux gras dish is probably my favorite dish in DC. The mussel soup is amazing. I also like the regular mussels, leek tart, fried chicken, and short ribs. For dessert make sure to try the cheesecake. Whatever they make the crust with (maybe hazel nuts or something) is crunchy and delicious. I'm dieing for the recipe.

      Now I'm craving a trip to Central!

      1. I agree with the above recommendations. I love the rabbit, the beef cheeks, the skate, even the meatballs. And the faux gras is my favorite appetizer, although the pork belly and leek tart is really good too. I also like the goat cheese ceaser. The cheesecake, kit kat bar and banana split are really good.

        My husband loves the fried chicken and hanger steak.