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Mar 14, 2010 05:25 AM

atlantis places to eat and how do I get there

I have read quite a bit about the expensive restaurants at the Atlantis. We will be staying at the beach tower for 5 days and would like suggestions on the best way to eat well without getting ripped off. My understanding is that there is a bridge to Nassau and restaurants there. How long a walk is it? if one takes a cab, how much is it for a family of two adults and two boys aged 12 and 11?

we are not big breakfast people, but my wife will want coffee in the am and eventually the kids will wake up and want something. Is there a reasonable place to walk to?

also, I read post that stated that mini fridge and is not usable in the room. However, another post talked about using the fridge. What is the truth?

also, how close is a market to buy sodas, water,etc, to avoid getting ripped off?



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  1. Yes, restaurants at Atlantis can be pricey. However, there are lot of other options. Keep in mind that the restaurants in Mariner Village are also part of Atlantis. Within Mariner Village there is a Johnny Rockets, if the kids are into that, but quite honestly, go out of Atlantis. If you walk through Mariner Village to the end, go out to the road, cross the road toward Bank of Nova Scotia, then again toward Hurricane Hole. Alternatively, leaving Coral Towers entrance, follow the main road down by the Bank of Nova Scotia then go across the street toward Hurricane Hole. There you will find Green Parrot - excellent food, great atmosphere as you watch the boats come in, and something for everyone. They have two more outlets, and you can see them on the map on the site.

    There are places for pizza and deli and other reasonable fare onsite, but they will be a bit pricey. Look for combos that would work well for your family. This is likely what you will do for lunch on your play days when you hang out at Atlantis for the water parks and such.

    If you want to head to Nassau, there are lots of options. Walking the bridge over takes about 20 minutes once you are on the bridge. If you take the easterly bridge (traffic leaving PI - just by the Green Parrot) you will see Potter's Cay under the bridge. There will be stalls on both sides of the bridge with lots of local fare. Beware though, enjoy the ambience (;-P) and be patient! You can even walk down to the market area further down. It crabs are in season, you'll see the like crabs in all sorts of cages. You'll also see lots of conch and fresh fish.

    At the bottom of the bridge, you will see Outback Steakhouse (if that's something you're looking for), and if you turn left you will come upon a number of other restaurants. Seafront Sushi recently relocated about a block left of the bridge - excellent food, reasonable price. A ways further is the Poop Deck Yacht Haven .

    If you want to head toward downtown, take the westerly bridge (traffic to PI - when you come out of Mariner Village or down the main road, turn right at the roundabout then left at the lights onto the bridge). Turn right at the bottom, and you will fairly quickly come upon the Green Parrot Harbourside, the Wine Lounge (open at 11, great thin crust pizzas), and Lucianos (reasonable food, great view). If you walk up a ways further past the Shell and Texaco stations, turn left onto Armstrong and go up one block. The blue building on the left is Chef Chea's Corner Bistro - only open about a month - the most amazing crab cakes and calamari!

    After this, you are best to head all the way into town - about another 20 - 30 minutes' walk. Downtown, there is the Hard Rock Cafe, Senor Frogs, Athena - great Greek Food upstairs, and Olives (down a side pedestrian street just past Royal Bank). For a really nice meal, check out Cafe Matisse - our fave. If the weather is nice, dine outside in the courtyard. When you see the Gucci store (before Bacardi), turn left up Bank Lane. The entrance to Matisse is on the left midway.

    Downtown, you can also find Burger King, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Sbarro, and a number of other small places.

    Another way to get downtown is by water taxi. It's a $6 return trip and drops you near the 3rd Green Parrot and the Straw marker.

    Those would be my recs! As for water, sodas, etc., I encourage you to buy them off property. If you are on PI, walk the main road and there is a Bristol Wines store with sodas, water, etc.. There are also some other stores along there.

    If you walk the easterly bridge, there are convenience stores along East Bay St. If you are in the downtown area, there is a small grocery store on.....Charlotte St - I think - across from Hard Rock.

    There you go! Have fun!

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      thanks so much for this great summary. I am much more confident now. It sounds like it is reasonable to walk to a bunch of places. Are cabs expensive for a family of 4 if necessary?

      1. re: jonathandit

        I have to admit, I have no idea how much a cab costs. Sorry! I believe that they are fairly reasonable for the immediate area. If you're up for walking, there really is quite a bit you can walk to.

        On another note, I was out on East Bay yesterday and saw that Montague (the fish dock) is only 1 mile from the base of the PI bridge.

        Have a really great trip!