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Grinder / Hoagie / ROLLS

Peter B Wolf Mar 14, 2010 04:46 AM

Looking for decent/authentic Grinder Rolls
Not Wonder Bread type, but one that will get crusty on the outside like a fresh Baguette when placed into a hot oven, then cut and filled with the true Italian Cold Cuts easely found in the olden days.
Give me Bread that can be proud to be called Italian.
And if not in Boston, name a 'Bakery' anywhere in New England. Any Address welcome, please.

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  1. s
    skippy66 RE: Peter B Wolf Mar 14, 2010 04:52 AM

    I recently got some nice long ciabatta rolls at Whole Foods. I think they were Iggy's. They weren't your classic sub rolls, but they were very good. Now that I'm thinking of it, I need to go and buy more.

    1. Berheenia RE: Peter B Wolf Mar 14, 2010 05:55 AM

      I like Russo's - 3 to a bag.

      1. p
        phatchris RE: Peter B Wolf Mar 14, 2010 06:08 AM

        J.Pace has some nice ones.

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        1. re: phatchris
          Gio RE: phatchris Mar 14, 2010 06:38 AM

          Second the Pace recommendation. They have a store in Saugus as well as several in Boston.

        2. BarmyFotheringayPhipps RE: Peter B Wolf Mar 14, 2010 12:56 PM

          Antoine's Bakery in Nonantum has house-made sub rolls. And given that Nonantum is Italian enough that on some streets, the dividing line down the middle of the street is white, green and red (not kidding), I daresay they will satisfy your needs. And for your hot sub needs, don't forget Depasquale's Sausages is right down the block...

          1. ScubaSteve RE: Peter B Wolf Mar 14, 2010 03:16 PM

            for those in the Minga-Valley Piro's in Methuen does an awesome sub roll, available in 6" and iirc 10" sizes.

            their bismarks are killer too.

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            1. re: ScubaSteve
              treb RE: ScubaSteve Mar 15, 2010 12:31 PM

              I thought it was Minga-Meadows!

              1. re: treb
                Infomaniac RE: treb Mar 15, 2010 01:49 PM

                very funny.....Minga-Meadows is what I remember growing up also.

            2. f
              food_lubber RE: Peter B Wolf Mar 15, 2010 06:58 AM

              I don't know if it is the style you are looking for, but I think there is nothing better than Piantedosi's (sp?) in Malden. The perfect sub roll, if you ask me. Toast it for a few minutes with a nice italian cold cut and you are in heaven...mmmmmm.

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              1. re: food_lubber
                PaulB RE: food_lubber Mar 15, 2010 08:15 AM

                Piantedosi is great, as is Quinzani bakery (Quincy I believe). I find fresh Quinzani sub/grinder/hoagie rolls in Brighton at Kiki's Market.

                1. re: PaulB
                  CocoDan RE: PaulB Mar 16, 2010 06:15 AM

                  Quinzani is in Boston. Traveler St? Anyway, it's in the SE. They are pretty good. Hard to find a good sub roll. Very few satisfy my taste. Most are too soft crusted.

                  1. re: CocoDan
                    gourmaniac RE: CocoDan Mar 16, 2010 07:35 AM

                    Quinzani is at the corner of Harrison and Traveler and has an retail outlet. Inexpensive and OK but not a great sub roll. If you need a lot of them, they are fresh and will do the job.

                    1. re: gourmaniac
                      deglazer RE: gourmaniac Mar 21, 2010 04:14 PM

                      Quinzani's regular sub rolls are pretty fluffy and generic but great in pressed sandwiches. They have another version which they call panini which are much better. There's a bit of a pre-ferment and some semolina on the bottom crust. Their real killer is what they call the French baguette (not the regular one). I think it's a great sub/hoagie roll, nice and crusty. I also really like the braided roll from Central Bakery in East Cambridge

                2. re: food_lubber
                  threedogs RE: food_lubber Mar 19, 2010 12:22 PM

                  Piantedosi's is great - but it's not crusty on the outside.

                  If you go directly to their factory in Malden (Commercial St.), it's much cheaper, too. I don't live in Malden anymore and seldom visit - I miss getting my sub rolls there. I make my own bread, (ciabatta is my fav to bake, so far) but I haven't tried a simple sub roll (grinder, as my mom used to say)... yet.

                3. Bob Dobalina RE: Peter B Wolf Mar 16, 2010 07:18 AM

                  Don't forget about La Ronga in Somerville

                  1. j
                    JoJo5 RE: Peter B Wolf Mar 19, 2010 12:34 PM

                    I just had a lovely cold cut sandwich with rolls from Russo's in Watertown. I put the roll into the toaster oven to crisp it up and the result was a nice crunchy crust. As someone mentioned below, they come 3 to a bag and are yummy.


                    1. t
                      taooffood RE: Peter B Wolf Mar 19, 2010 01:18 PM

                      Torpedo rolls from Tutto Italiano in Hyde Park.

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                      1. re: taooffood
                        catsmeow RE: taooffood Mar 21, 2010 06:17 AM

                        I always frequent Tuttos in Hyde Park as well. There's also an excellent small bakery in the residential neighborhood across the street called BC Bakery....27 Como Rd. The bread and rolls are excellent as well as most of their other stuff. It's definitly a hidden gem.

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