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Mar 14, 2010 12:35 AM

which milk

been using organic milk, prefer the flavor. just read that most organic milk is ultra pasteurized to extend shelf life and is bad for you because the proteins are broken . odd as I've had ultra pasteurized heavy cream and you can taste the difference. the milk doesn't seem to have that cooked taste. anyway what milk should be used? not raw, too hard to get. oh and does fat make a difference healthwise? been using 2% but just saw add that said glass of 2% has as much sat fat as small order of fries. I'll drink skim if it's enriched with extra milk protein, skim supreme, but now I hear that's bad because of the broken protein thing. and what about cheese and other processed foods? is this all MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING?

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  1. Seems like we all get enough protein without NEEDING cow's milk...lots of people have issues with cow's milk because of the protein casein which can cause problems for the immune system and creates mucous. You might try 1% milk....I personally stay away from skim milk because I like a LITTLE fat to absorb the A and D vitamins (which are fat-soluble vitamins)...or you could try nut milks or soy milks, readily available in grocery stores.