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Mar 13, 2010 10:21 PM

Solo Diner in San Francisco - where to eat?

Hi. I will be in San Francisco for work and will be eating solo for most meals. Where are some of the best places to eat at the bar? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. This question is asked very frequently. Here is some reading to get you started; ask back with specific questions. Just about every restaurant has dining at the bar, and the high end tasting menu places will seat a solo happily.

    1. My 4 favorites when visiting SF solo:

      Lunch: Swan Oyster Depot on Polk. Take the California St. cablecar to its final stop, 1 block from Swan. Grab a seat at the bar and have an Anchor Steam draft as you make your choices from the menu on the wall. For me, it's 6 oysters, small clam chowder and a combo Louis salad. Cash only. Great SF experience.


      A16 in the Marina. Sit at the bar in front of the chefs and pizza oven. Pizza too much for 1 but a great split if you find a friend. The pork products are my favorite. Trust the server to suggest Italian wines by the glass, most you've never heard of from Southern Italy and Sicily. Fun atmosphere.

      Upscale dinner.

      Gary Danko near Ghirardelli Square. Get there just after 5pm for one of the few seats at the bar. Get the $65 menu for 3 courses: can be 2 apps + entree or app/entree/cheese or app/entree/dessert. Very flexible. Great service from the bartenders who are also excellent waiters.

      Michael Mina at the St. Francis Hotel. Also a place where the bartenders are excellent waiters. Take their suggestions. The bar is more fun and lively than the tables.

      Have fun!

      1. What part of San Francisco are u staying in?

        1. Tadich Grill on California St. The grill is fixed and the cioppino and petrale sole are better than ever.

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            In addition, there is a very long counter there that is perfect if you are dining solo.