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What do you put on popcorn?

Melted unsalted butter+olive oil w/
sauteed pressed garlic (let it get brown and crunchy, like on top of a bagel)
smoked paprika
hot sauce -- it'll foam when you put the hot sauce in, which makes it easier to drizzle evenly over the whole bowl. Mothers Mountain brand is nice and complex.
grated parm on top, sea salt


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  1. butter, Parmesan cheese
    butter, truffle oil, chopped parsley
    butter, Sirracha sauce, soy sauce
    butter, smoked paprika

    1. Hatch hot red chile powder
      Asian tiny dried shrimp
      Brewer's yeast
      & Buttah!

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      1. re: Passadumkeg

        Those tiny dried shrimp sound interesting. What size are they? Do you break them down to smaller particles?

        Are we getting down to the level of krill? While I have been jokingly compared to a baleen whale when I strap on the popcorn feed bag on home-movie night, I look forward to your advice.

        1. re: FoodFuser

          Really tiny. One half inch or less? And no need for salt.

      2. a little bit of butter and parm cheese

          1. Teriyaki sauce and hot sesame oil.

            1. Butter, soy sauce, pepper.

              1. I love popcor...it is a weekness of mine....
                Love it with butter, grated cheese, garlic salt, cracked pepper
                Caramel sauce
                truffle oil and truffle salt
                Olive oil and Blackened seasonings

                1. I've been adding my salt and flavorings (parm, paprika, turmeric) into the oil and let it pop. It distributes all the flavors really well and prevents most of it from ending up in the bottom of the bowl.

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                    mmm. Great suggestion. I'll have to try it.

                  2. I put balsamic vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it in..delicious and guilt free!

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                      That sounds great! I'll try it tonight!

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                          That's why i use a spray bottle..it keeps a fine spray and most of it stays dry. Some pieces get a little soggy, but i kind of like it that way

                    2. On top - just unsalted butter and salt.
                      Boring, I know.

                      On the side - Hot Tamales, chocolate, or caramels. Mr CF likes the candy Orange Slices but I think that makes the popcorn taste like Froot Loops - yech.

                      1. For me, its a mix of EV olive oil and sweet butter, some salt, and freshly ground black pepper. I pop with hot air, although if I'm feeling more decadent I'll pull out a pot and pop it on the stove with a mix of coconut oil and ghee.

                        The smoked paprika mentioned in the OP sounds intriguing...

                        1. mix of butter, cayenne pepper, and sugar

                          1. butter (of course) with lemon-pepper seasoning. Yummy!

                            1. Kosher salt and lots of fresh cracked black pepper is my favorite.

                              A more recent discovery is a find from a Mexican market - it's a little shaker of chile, salt and lemon or lime and that is fabulous! on popcorn that's been misted with a little olive oil.

                              1. Mrs Dash Extra Spicy seasoning goes great....

                                1. on the side, a microwaved slurry of melted semi-sweet chocolate and dark-roasted peanut butter with a tiny bit of water mixed in to make it slightly more liquidy.

                                  1. Either olive oil and parmigiano reggiano OR... far more often, butter and Lawry's Seasoned Salt. That may very well be Chowhound heresy, but it's definitely nostalgic. Plus, doesn't Lawry's have sugar in it? So it's a kind of sweet-salty thing.

                                    1. Frank's Red hot Sauce and Kernel's Nacho Chilli Cheese Popcorn seasoning! Yum!!
                                      Or on another level: Turmeric, Cumin powder, Paprika, Salt all pulsed in a processor - I add this to the popcorn about 30 seconds before the entire thing is ready (I pop mine with Olive Oil over my gas stove).

                                      1. Depending on my mood:
                                        Salt-Free Herbal Seasoning (especially good when I butter the popcorn)
                                        Hickory Salt
                                        Garlic Powder/Salt and Onion Powder/Salt

                                        1. garlic powder and smoked paprika on kettle corn.

                                          I also have this stuff called Tiger Seasoning that my mom gave me for a specific bisque recipe. It's basically seasoned salt with MSG, but it's remarkably tasty on popcorn.

                                          1. Clarified butter and Old Bay.

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                                              Five spice powder. Lovely and refreshing.

                                            2. garam masala

                                              mix of sea salt and parm and nutritional yeast (does that make me a hippie?)

                                              most importantly, good quality local grass-fed butter

                                              edit: recently tried gomashio on popcorn. i like it.

                                              1. Java Shake, instead of salt. Off the package description:
                                                finely ground Natural Brazil coffee, Kosher salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, and the perfect blend of natural herbs and spices.

                                                very good too