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Mar 13, 2010 08:09 PM

The Give Thanks Bakery in Rochester, MI

Have any of you tried the almond croissants at The Give Thanks Bakery in downtown Rochester, MI? Fritter mentioned this place, in passing, last October on this board. (

Very interesting European bakery, though I have been unable to try many offerings since I can't seem to see past the almond croissants, which are absolute perfection (particularly flavor wise).

My only hassle with this place is its very limited hours--- 7am to 3pm Tue-Fri, and 7am to 2pm on Sat, closed Sun&Mon.

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  1. I have tried many of the offerings at The Give Thanks Bakery. Breads, croissants, tarts, pies, cookies, etc. Every thing there is wonderful. They truly care about their products and their clientele.

    I live in Rochester and I must say I find your " the automotive executive/family clientele doesn't add much of an artisan/organic vibe to the place" comment a bit elitist. Rochester is a fairly diverse community with many different cultures present. It has world class grocers (Papa Joes, Whole Foods, Buschs), fine dining and great hotels (Royal Park). It has a university nearby and many cultural offerings.

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    1. re: Wakeley Bridge

      You're right. I probably saw a couple people getting carried away with a blackberry and made an unfair generalization. I'll try to get that pulled.

    2. I go there every Tuesday and Saturday for the Swiss Multi-grain's wonderful! Some days I drive up there and they have already run out for the day, so I always try to get there before noon. Funny you should ask about the Almond Croissant as they were looking particularly good yesterday, then sanity kicked in, I thought about the calories and decided to pass. I've had them before....they can't be beat!
      Were you there yesterday when the croissants had been in the oven about two minutes too long and looking an little darker than they should? That's what really made me want one....or three!!

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      1. re: grouper

        Actually, I was guiltily eating one on Saturday, but it had been purchased on Thursday, and STILL was worth remarking about. I shall try some of their other items, as you and Wakeley Bridge recommend. Thx

      2. I got a couple of hot cross buns there the other day - theirs are so much better than anyone else's it's silly.
        Anyone tried their chocolate shortbread? I was tempted but had so much other stuff...

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        1. re: gooddog

          I wanted the hot cross buns on Saturday, but by the time I got there they were gone....actually most of the desserts were gone, too. Except what looked like a fresh batch of almond croissants.

        2. Do they have anything akin to pain au chocolat? Chocolate-filled croissant-type bread?

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          1. re: boagman

            I think I have seen that there, but not on a regular basis. When I head up there this week, on Wednesday, I'll check for you. They have a list of their specialty Easter treats that can be pre-ordered right now...some interesting stuff. The place kills me....they have a cut-off date for holiday baked goods and will not bend that date, even for one day. Or maybe it's just the not so nice woman behind the counter. Yet, I continue to go there twice a week...maybe I have a bad habit..but that bread is sooo good with Lurpak butter and a slice of Jarlsburg on top.

            1. re: boagman

              Stopped this morning for my Swiss Multi-Grain fix. I asked about the pain au chocolat and yes they do sell it. Friday and Saturday only. She suggested calling ahead as they typically run out by 9:00 a.m. That might be why I never see them. Just in case you were interested they said the hot-cross buns are also selling out in the early morning.

            2. The almond croissants are amazing, and not too sweet. Alas, it was my last gluten filled purchase before getting my confirmation that wheat/gluten was the cause of my problems... Seasonally they have mini dark chocolate chip/orange muffins that are also not too sweet and not too large. One of the only muffins I've ever actually liked! Very european style baked goods. Their sourdough pain au levain was my favorite bread as well. sigh...

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              1. re: kellycolorado

                My condolences, kelly :(

                Now I guess you'll have to try Sugar Kisses in Berkley. I got dessert from there for my gluten-intolerant SIL: a lemon bar and a slice of cheesecake. I was underwhelmed by the lemon bar--kind of an off taste--but the cheesecake was very good since they just used ground nuts and presumably butter to make it. A very successful substitution for other crusts.