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Mar 13, 2010 07:51 PM


Heads up.
Fuzzy's Taco shop is about to open in Richardson, their first in the area. Lots of folk may be familiar with them already. They seem only to open up around college campuses. Their tacos may be debatable, but their hot sauce is worth risking jail time to steal!

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  1. Lewisville has already opened on Main Street and Old Orchard

    1. This place would have been great in my college days but there are plenty of superior non-gringo taco places around that area. Wasn't pleased by my experiences in FtW.

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      1. re: amokscience

        They're the only place I've had a decent fish taco around here, but nothing worth writing home about either. Fuzzy's in Richardson will be at the old Braum's location on Campbell. I was down in that area recently looking for a fried pie (3/14), and sad to see that the fried pie place nearby there had closed.

        1. re: amokscience

          On what basis are you calling it gringo? The current owners may be, but the cooks and AFAIK original owners are not.

          I don't believe the cheese is feta ... probably queso fresco?

          In my mind it is Tex-Mex, but it's not typical. Nouveau Tex-Mex ;)

          1. re: foiegras

            Actually even Fuzzy's website says it is Feta cheese...

            1. re: foiegras

              Check out the grilled fish taco's = feta and garlic sauce = very good flavor!


          2. What a funky little place to enjoy a good, quick meal on the run. Those words were carefully chosen as I am NOT labeling it as fast food - it's much better. I've only eaten the grilled fish tacos - not a filet, but small (in size and number of) chunks. Still, good flavor on a very soft and pliable tortilla, with fresh, crispy lettuce, some diced tomato with crumbled..... dare I say FETA!? Definitely not Tex-Mex or any other Mex-wanna-be. Once, I put the habenero sauce on them. Would advise not, as the taco is pretty good in itself and I found the sauce to waylay the fresh flavors and the feta. Definitely NOT a Chipotle or Costa Vida.

            Bright and breezy atmosphere, with music piped in by Willie, the Doobies and others of that era. TV's in each corner. Patio area enclosed with small garage type window-doors that can be opened on warmer days. Don't know if I'd go out of my way, but otherwise, nice stop in for a hot summer day. Just a funky, unpretentious little place.

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            1. re: CocoaNut

              Not at all impressed with a burrito at the denton location. None the less, it served it's desired purpose of absorbing a copious amount of alcohol consumed during a rock show at Dan's.

            2. New Fuzzy's to open on the north side of Southlake Blvd - just west of White's Chapel.

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              1. re: CocoaNut

                I've eaten at the Richardson location a couple times now. I will say their tacos are pretty good. $2 a taco, I've had most of the versions. If you want the most meat go with the shredded beef or pork. Fish and shrimp didn't impress me that much. All tacos are good size because they are covered with a handful of lettuce, tomato and cilantro. Over all pretty good fare.

                I had their enchiladas and I thought they were okay, sides are good. Really like the fried potatoes and their nachos look really good. Best looking thing I have seen so far though is the sandwiches; I need to get back and have one of those.

                1. re: Dallassooner

                  I did a little mission at Fuzzy's last week and was far from impressed. But I only tried the seafood varieties, including the off menu crawfish taco. The readers sounded that the Richardson store was not the best run locations and sang praises for the for all Tarrant County locales. I will try the beef and pork next visit, but was really put off by the half head of iceberg on every taco. I heard that they should all come with mild feta crumbles, I assume to simulate a queso fresco, but I didn't get this on my visits.


                  1. re: DallasDude

                    I've only been to one and it was around N. Richland Hills/Keller/Watauga - somewhere around there. As to "all" tacos coming with mild feta crumbles to simulate fresco.... the only one on the menu that I saw listing "feta" was the grilled fish, which is what I ordered. As I said above, the fish was very scant, but the feta/garlic sauce combo of flavor was very good. I don't think there was ANY intention of simulating anything but what it was - and it was feta, on the menu and on the palate. (FWIW, re your link above - Cilantro was definitely adorning mine. I know, because I'm on the "I don't like Cilantro" side of the fence)

                    Nonetheless, though it's not open yet and I don't know for certain... but I'd bet the SL location's character will be too scrubbed and chi-chi-new to carry forward the whimsical nature of what is probably the original appeal of "Fuzzy's".

                    1. re: DallasDude

                      Huh ... I've only ever been to the University location, and I've eaten many, many tacos there over the years. Every single one has had cheese. I used to always get the grilled shrimp (time was I'd walk in & they'd throw the shrimp on the grill), and then someone here turned me on to the pork, and now I get one of each. I will say that the grilled shrimp can be variable, but when it's freshly grilled, it's very very good. I always ask for extra cilantro. (If I forget, the guys are happy to customize as I pick up.) Maybe you should ditch the Richardson location next time you go ...

                      1. re: DallasDude

                        Feta more closely resembles queso cotija rather than queso fresco, no?

                        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                          Dunno bout that, I was just giving them the benefit of the doubt. I would think fresco (Queso Ranchero, actually) would be cheaper. They could even get those kids in the back to make their own for practically nothing.

                          1. re: DallasDude

                            I've been to the one in NRH and Lubbock. Good business concept that appeals to the mass market who think that have just stumbled onto that "taco craze". Not terribly Chowish. I generally think Dallas dining scene lacks compared to many big cities, but man, have we got some muy bueno taqerias!

                            1. re: J.R.

                              Perhaps some in the "mass market" find appeal and appreciation in a broader array of eats - "authentic" or otherwise. I would not enjoy eating at all if I had to dissect every component of every plate that I ever ate. Generally, I find it very fulfilling to just like a food because it tastes good and if it happens to be the real-deal, I guess all the better for "talking points". I'm not trying to be confrontational here, but c'mon, but with a name like Fuzzy's --- who's kidding who if you go in expecting anything other than whimsy? In other words, who gives a @$%#$ if it's feta, ranchero or cotija. It is what it is, cause that's what the owner wants it to be! ;)

                              1. re: CocoaNut

                                I just found it pretty mediocre.

                                  1. re: J.R.

                                    Me too. Mushy bland shredded beef. My favorite taco was the tempura shrimp - though the batter resembled tempura in no way. The grilled vegetable taco that had no detectable grilled vegetables at all but had a few black beans was my second favorite.

                                    1. re: Chile Pepper

                                      At my Fuzzy's they call it fried shrimp.

                                      It appears to me that they may have over-expanded. I wonder why so many people are visiting a new rather than an established location (and then complaining about the results)?

                                      1. re: foiegras

                                        Visiting an Arlington version of the restaurant versus the one that is 10 minutes from where I live seemed a no brainer.

                                        1. re: DallasDude

                                          Yes ... odometer rather than foodie reasoning though ;) Serving a standard product definitely isn't as easy as some chains make it look.

                                          They're moving into areas where there's considerably more taco competition ... especially if they're not going to be on their best game, it'll be interesting to see whether these new locations survive.

                                          1. re: foiegras

                                            Coincidentally i was in Richardson and in the Fuzzy neighborhood. After all the heated debate (not that heated) I decided to try them again. This time I ordered what they thought they did best.

                                            I ended up with 1 of each of the shredded beef and a shredded pork tacos. I also tagged on the queso.

                                            The queso was pretty good. Tasted real and un-velveeta like. The chips sucked. They were small shards of dry chips showered with a red arsenol of 'Fuzzy Dust'. Call it red salt.

                                            As for the tacos, the shredded beef were decent but still on the dry side. i was entertained with less lettuce and I got the cilantro and cheese treatement. They verified it was indeed not a queso fresco, but instead feta. Salty, but good.

                                            The pork was better and had a bit of juciness to it. And a lot of meat and less foliage than even the taco I had on the same table. And infinitely less than that which they served a few weeks back. Maybe they listened?

                                            Still not my favorite, but still not the taco you guys claim should be better in Tarrant county. I will continue to enjoy my taquerias until something better comes along, and for a buck less.

                                            Speaking of which, there is a gas station on NW Hwy across from Bachman (listening Uncle Nancy?) that has some fantastic al pastor. They are served off a trompo and even call them plainly 'trompo tacos'. These are like a buck 19 each and are sliced then griddled for a few moments and served on the classic double tort. Worth a drive for tacos fans. huge sign that says El Trompo Tacos.

                                        2. re: foiegras

                                          I (along with others here I am sure) reported on the new location because it's near my house so I tried it. Nothing unreasonable about that.

                      2. I hear there is one opening in Lakewood at Mockingbird and Abrams in the old Blockbuster location.