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Where to get gumbo without seafood?

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We will be heading to New Orleans next week. My husband doesn't eat seafood (crazy, I know) but would like to get some gumbo. Is there anywhere we can get some good gumbo that doesn't have any seafood in it? Thanks!

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  1. You're looking for chicken and sausage/andouille gumbo, or gumbo z'herbes but they could have a seafood based stock - is he allergic to seafood? Definitely ask first about the stock

    Besh Steak House has a duck and andouille gumbo


    La Provence on the northshore has a quail gumbo


    Palace Cafe has a chicken and sausage gumbo




    Mr. B's gumbo ya-ya


    and of course the Gumbo Shop


    1. Last time I went to Dick and Jennies the gumbo of the day was a chicken gumbo and it was fantastic. But, it probably changes as it is gumbu du jour.

      1. Mr. B's Gumbo Ya Ya is exactly what you need. It's simply wonderful. I also recommend an order of the duck spring rolls...that will make for a very happy hubby.

        Herbsaint also has fabulous chicken and sausage gumbo.

        I paid a visit to NOLA in October and they had a ham, turkey and andouille gumbo that was a dish that I had to copy here at home after thanksgiving. You might give them a ring to see if it's available...if you plan on eating there.

        I'm not a fan of Palace Cafe's gumbo, or Gumbo Shop.. There is much better to be had at the restaurants I mentioned.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions! I think we will probably head to Mr. B's, as I've read so much on the board about their BBQ shrimp.

          1. Cochon, herbsaint, commander's, brigtsen's but these are all apt to change. Never seen a seafood gumbo at Cochon though.

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              I had a gumbo at Cochon last week that had oysters and shrimp. It was the soup of the day.

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                Ah. Well there you go. Is their black eyed peas, greens, and pork gumbo their every-day menu gumbo? It's quite tasty.

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                  Yes the pork and black eyed peas is the one that's always on the menu, as far as I know.

            2. Gumbo Shops gumbo z'herbes is vegetarian. (I may be in the minority here, but I do not like Mr B's at all)

              1. Mr. B's serves very disappointing gumbo. For the best chicken and andouille gumbo try Cochon. And make sure you get the homemade bread to go with it. Herbsaint, Brigtsens, and LaPetite grocery consistently serve a deep, dark and rich authentic Cajun gumbo that is delicious. And K-Pauls Kitchen can be very good also.

                930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

                Brigtsen's Restaurant
                723 Dante St, New Orleans, LA 70118

                701 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130

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                  While Herbsaint does serve great gumbo, you couldn't be more wrong about Mr. B's.

                  701 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130

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                    Alas I agree with gumbocooking. I couldn't have been more disappointed with mr. b's gumbo. Thin, watery, rather bland, and lacking in meats and such does not a good gumbo make. Maybe I caught em on a bad day.

                2. I found The Gumbo Shop to have the best gumbo; either chicken/andouille or seafood. Thickness is just right, depth of flavor is excellent. Best I've tried. The crawfish etouffee is very good as well there. Also, I agree with N.O.Food and gumbocooking; the gumbo at Mr. B's is awful. Too watery, too bland, not enough ingredients.

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                    Strange how the gumbo goes from good to awful in a matter of four minutes.

                    "My next course was gumbo ya ya, for which I waited about 20 minutes after the plates for the app were picked up. In that time, we were mostly ignored by the staff. The gumbo was runnier than any other gumbo I've ever had but it tasted good. I just prefer my gumbo a bit thicker. My gumbo bowl sat empty in front of me for about another 20 minutes until the next course came, which was seafood gumbo for my wife and BBQ Shrimp for me. The seafood gumbo was excellent."


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                      He's talking about different gumbos. The gumbo ya ya was the one he ordered and didn't love. The seafood gumbo was for his wife and that one was good.

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                        If you read his post on this page, he said it was "awful." Yet, minutes earlier on another page he said it was "good." Same gumbo, yet two totally different takes. That's my point.

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                          As FoodChic pointed out, albeit sarcastically, I did have two conflicting opinions in two separate posts. I was writing the review of Mr B's while asking my wife about her opinion of her gumbo. I ended up typing her review in the part where I was talking about the gumbo ya ya so the facts were misrepresented. The gumbo ya ya that I had was runny, bland, and had very little meat in it. My wife's seafood gumbo was excellent although not quite as thick as she would like, or I for that matter.

                          My apologies for the mistake. If I had realized it would have gotten someone so bent out of shape, I would have proof read better.

                          So, in summary FoodChic: gumbo ya ya bad, seafood gumbo good.

                          Salutations to all.

                  2. I had the best gumbo ever at Herbsaint, it was duck gumbo, it might have been a special, but it was sublime!!

                    701 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130