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Mar 13, 2010 05:59 PM

Fine Paris Restaurants for weekend lunch and dinner

We will be spending two consecutive restaurants in Paris and need recommendations for four fine (michelin rated) lunches on weekends (important to note it is a weekend) and four dinners.

They do not all have to be michelin -- a good scene is fun too. We liked Avenue yet it was a bit busy ...

Thanks in advance! Off to Europe tomorrow, will check the board1

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  1. Is that a four day weekend or two two day weekends? It's probably the latter if you mean 'two consecutive weekeends" and not "restaurants".

    Who's open on saturday, sunday, monday, has different responses. Also, do you really want to eat fine dining twice a day? I wouldn't recommend it if you're doing it for your enjoyment (some chefs do it when they're visiting Paris -- they're actually studying).

    That said, Bristol, le Cinq, Grande Cascade, the Robuchon joints are open every day, every meal. L'Ambroisie is open sat for lunch (only three star to along with Bristol) and dinner. Savoy, Besson, Rostang are open on sat nights. Besson, Rostang are open monday night. L'Arpège is open monday for lunch (and dinner).

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    1. I Sunday list can be found here and my Saturday list is:

      Le Gaigne
      12, rue Pecquay, 4th (Metro: Rambuteau
      Closed Tuesday – thus open Saturday, Sunday on Mondays
      Menus at 16 and 22 €

      Passage 53
      53 Passage des Panoramas, 2nd (Metro: Grands Boulevards)
      T: 01 42 33 04 35
      Closed Sundays
      A la carte 38-44 €.

      Le Repaire de Cartouche
      8 blvd des Filles du Calvaire, 11th (Metro : Filles du Calvaire)
      T :
      Closed Sundays and Mondays
      Lunch menus 13 & 24 €, a la carte 35-45 €.

      15, rue Desnouettes, 15th, (Metro: Convention)
      Closed Sunday and Monday lunch
      Lunch menu 22-26, a la carte 35-45 €

      John Talbott

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      1. re: John Talbott

        Le Petit Céladon at the Hotel Westminster, a pretty good value on weekends (around 55€, wine and coffee incl.).

        Reservation is a definite must.

      2. Check my report:

        Monsieur Lapin is closed at lunch on Sunday, open for dinner.