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Mar 13, 2010 05:17 PM

St. Patty's Day East Bay

Where to go for good drinks and Corned Beef,etc in Berkeley/Oakland , albany areas

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  1. Beckett's of Berkeley. There's music, decent food and real live Irish people and the building is very cool. I took my son a few years ago and it wasn't bad, though there was bit of forced conviviality.

    1. I've been looking, too, and I think I'm going to head to the Up and Under in Point Richmond. Beckett's is great, and is going to be much more authentically Irish, and I'd go there for corned beef during the day, but night time is going to be a MAD house. they'll be irish music and wall to wall people. I'm just looking for a good corned beef plate, and this other chowhound review of the up and under was pretty complimentary:

      1. For a brew and corned beef try Brennan's, University Ave near 6th st. It's a basic hof brau and it serves corned beef. Tomorrow should be a good day.