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Mar 13, 2010 04:43 PM

World Market Recs

I really like their spices in resealable plastic bags. They're fresh and pungent. What do you like there?

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  1. Do you mean Cost Plus World market? I like their snack selection. But their hazelnut/chocolate spread (aka Nutella) is sadly flat. So avoid that! They have a cranberry jam that is delicious, with chunks of berries throughout. I use it for sweet and savory dishes.

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        That is Cost Plus WM, The other day they had a sale on their label low calorie Italian 1L sodas. I tried the raspberry and it was excellent.

    1. On the West Coast people seem to call it Cost Plus, while on the east it is just World Market. Either way, we've had good luck with their house brand potato chips, and the sriracha is cheaper than anywhere else.

      1. Tiger Tiger Tikka Masala simmer sauce is one of out go-to meals when we don't feel like cooking from scratch. We also like their no salt added Japanese noodles.

        I'll also jokingly call it the 'junk foods of the world store' since I enjoy trying out their foreign chocolate and candy offerings.

        1. Their private label dessert wafers in hazelnut and orange chocolate are addictive and I recently discovered the Sticky Fingers brand of lemon curd is absolutely divine on shortbread cookies. Also their veggie tortilla chips are tasty.