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Mar 13, 2010 03:04 PM

Looking for Easter-theme table linens

Don't know if this is a matter of General Chowhounding but then I can't find a better category...

Anyway, I'm looking for some Easter-themed table linens. I'd like a substantial weight weave and some sophistication rather than a highly colored printed design. This W-S stuff is right up my alley and I will resort to it if no one can point me in a better direction. Still, I'd love it if I could find something comparable at a lower price. $200+ for a tablecloth and napkins is steep!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm not into themes so much as colors as a rule, but that is very, very pretty. For holiday entertaining stuff, I usually google up restaurant supply stuff, then have seasonal colors or patterns on smaller things like napkins or a runner and centerpiece. OTOH, as pricey as WS is, I always think that if it's beautiful and well made and you think you'll use it for years, it's always worth it if you can afford to buy what you love.

    I don't know if you have Marshall's stores near you, but I've often found very high end jacquards and other table linens there at steep discounts. Tuesday Morning can be good for seasonal high end linens, too, I've found.

    1. That is a lovely tablecloth and when I saw your post subject, the first thing I thought of was WS. I would have an issue with spending $200 on a single-use cloth and napkins, so what I would do is get the napkins and a generic coordinating cloth. The I might fill in with decorative S&P shakers, candlesticks and smaller items like that.

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        Actually, I just bought a linen colored non-themed tablecloth from the same mill at W-S and I was going to get just the napkins (GMTA! ;> ) Prob is, 8 of them are over $100 and on top of it I'll have to pay shipping because it's an item not carried in the stores.

        The shipping was the deal killer. I'm not paying $12 for the privilege of paying $100+. Won't do it.

      2. Here's some pastel grass, I'd call that Easter themed --
        but it looks like you've already picked the best one.

        look very nice too.

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          We stopped at C&B after going to W-S. They had a *great* set that is not on their website. It looked like a lot of crayon scribbling in pastel Easter colors on white. Very charming. Very nice energy. A MUCH more attractive price.

          Unfortunately, those pastel colors just wouldn't work with the very dark red color of my dining room. So the search continues. But I've got a really nice heavy linen jacquard floral to work with and I'll continue keeping my eye open for good napkins.

          Edited to say: Too funny! I was trying to describe exactly the linens you found the link to that I couldn't.

          I would have planned Easter outside just to take advantage of that stuff if it weren't such an early Easter with weather that's still too cold for outside dining. But think that pattern is much more charming in person than the pic captures. It's PERFECT for Easter without being too specific to use all Spring and Summer.

          1. re: rainey

            Actually, I went back to C&B and got them. They're working fine with the linen jacquard and, since the whole table is light and/or pastel, it works just fine with the dark room around it like a frame.

            I'll still keep an eye out to see if W-S puts those Easter linens on sale after the holiday. They're so pretty and classic I can see them as something I'll give to one of the girls after years of future use.

            1. re: rainey

              The killer w/ WS is the shipping charge which, at the price of that tablecloth, is 11%. I looked at furniture and it was a few hundred dollars extra. If you can find it in the store, much better but they're far higher than most other stores for S/H. But, I've found brand new WS items on EBay for a fraction of the price.

            2. re: BangorDin

              Thanks for that second link to Gumps. Pink isn't right for my room but I love the striped and the plaid pink napkins. Very spring-y and very classic.

            3. I've had good luck at Bed, Bath & Beyond finding that sort of thing at a reasonable price.

              1. Just for fun I googled images for "Easter table". Not for your purposes, but I loved this:


                they ignored the traditional pastels to showcase carrot orange.

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                1. re: blue room

                  Very bold and points for drama. Can't say it says "Easter" to me but it's far from boring! ;>