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Mar 13, 2010 02:04 PM

I'm getting tired of Deli Sandwiches that cost $7-10. in the Bay Area. Any great cheaper ones?

I'm getting tired of Deli Sandwiches that cost $7-10. in the Bay Area.

Especially when most Bánh mì sandwiches cost under $3.00.

Of course some of the $7-10 Sands taste great!

However what ever happened to the great tasting,good quality Sub $5 Deli Sandwich?
(pardon the pun)

or Drink and Sandwich deals for under $5 out the door?

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  1. Little Lucca in South SF, Ted's Market on Folsom/10th in SF and Lee's Deli's come to mind.

    Ted's has great daily specials (like roast pork), a line of 40+ people at lunch but the line moves very fast and lots of cops coming in. Most regular sandwiches about $5 bucks (last I checked).

    Little Lucca's sandwiches are around the same price (or more) but are huge. Most regular sandwiches will feed two regular people.

    There's also Lee's Deli all over the FiDi and SOMA. Fresh house roasted turkey and avocado is around $5 or less.

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      Ted's is on Howard near 10th. Agree though, they are the most unsung sandwich place in the city.

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        My bad. Too bad the link generator thingie doesn't work...then I wouldn't have to think. :)

        p.s. another source of inexpensive sandwiches (tortas) are the taco truck. I got a torta al pastor from El Tonayense last year for $5 and it was excellent...sorta like a Mexican version of a Chicago beef with grill green peppers/onions and pork. I notice the taco trucks on International often charge around $4.25 or the same a burrito.

    2. Pretty hard to beat Tommy's Joint, all in all.

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        Even Tommy's joints are up to $5.50.

        1. re: Mission

          Its a pretty good deal for what you get. Every time I see the commercials for $2.99 hamburger, I can't help but wonder what is going into that meat. There are a few ethnic places that are true bargains, but there must be a limit on quality.

      2. Love and Haight in lower haight is around $5 still I think.

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          eh, but if it's during the day, i'd rather just pay the few extra bucks and go to estela's for a much higher quality sandwich

          1. re: vulber

            "I'm getting tired of Deli Sandwiches that cost $7-10."
            I believe that this was the request of the OP. I'm sure that we can all suggest higher quality sandwiches for more money and in fact have in the thread Best Sandwich in San Francisco.

        2. One of the more famous places that fit your description would be Piccolo Pete's out in Visitation Valley. Not the best quality, but always a great bargain.

          Piccolo Pete Liquor & Deli
          2155 Bay Shore Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94134

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          1. re: Civil Bear

            Safeway deli has the best basic deli sandwiches for $5.00. When we are out of the Bay Are, Raley's has even better and bigger $5.00 deli samy. Not gourmet, but really good, and fine choices of breads/rolls.

            1. re: macadam

              The sandwiches from the Safeway Deli are actually quite good. The Chicago South Sider (roast beef, horseradish mayo, horseradish cheddar, lettuce, tomato), the California Dreamin' and Turkey and Havarti Panini are popular in our house.

          2. El Metate on Bryant Street has the best chicken sandwich on a roll, served with a side of homemade (usually tortilla) soup. It is around $5, and enough for two to share.