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Mar 13, 2010 01:16 PM

Lobster on Maine's coast

We will be in Portland for a few days in April and we are thinking about taking a road trip up or down the coast to find good, fresh seafood (especially lobster), possibly in a small fishing village. This will be a day trip so we don't want to travel more than two hours from Portland. Suggestions?

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  1. Over the years I've tried many lobster places on the coast, mostly in Southern Maine. For my money the best by far is the Ogunquit Lobster Pound on Rt. 1 N just north of the village of Ogunquit. I doesn't open until April 2 and then only weekends until the summer, though. It's a real Maine institution: an old log sided restuarant in a pine glade. You sit, order drinks, then go outside and pick your own lobster and order steamers (a must). Spend the extra money on the hard shell lobster. The lobster (and steamers) is the thing, sides are pretty insipid. Just get the biggest lobster you can handle, some clams, cole slaw and some draft beer in a frozen mug and see what a super fresh, properly prepared lobster can really taste like. It's amazing to me how many lobster places even in Maine serve overcooked lobster with remarkably little real flavor. Not here...

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      Portland has a dock area. I am sure you can stay right in town and get some of the finest lobster around. I grew up in this area and to me the docks/piers have great lobsters.

      In April, in Maine, I doubt you would find anything but a hard shell lobster. Most lobsters don't molt until the weather is warm. My own preference is that I ask for a female lobster, it has a wider tail. But, the male has larger claws, either way, Maine lobster is about the best around!


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        Big Hungry Boy---u are so right-on......
        I also love the Ogunquit Lobster Pound. Been going there for 40 years, 3rd generation business, very successful, southern Maines best Lobsters, prices are a little steep, but price is not everything. Real Maine ambiance, great food, and very good service. Best of all, huge free parking.

      2. Unfortunately a lot of the best lobster places will not yet be open in April.

        1. Check out Five Island Lobster in Georgetown and Harrasskeet Lunch in So. Freeport.

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            Neither of these fit OP's time criteria.

            Five Islands opens May 8th and that is usually limited (e.g. weekend) hours for few weeks.

            Harraseekett's season is May 1 thru Labor Day.

          2. Even though my husband and I go to Maine every year we usually spend most of our time in Boothbay, Camden or Rockland ... only this year we have decided to spend our entire week in Portland, so please report back to let me know what you thought of Portland and the restaurants, because I am excited and can not wait to check it all out.

            As for a Lobster Place outside of Portland, I agree with Big H Boy, I am sure with the culinary explosion in Portland you can more than find the freshest Lobster there, if you want to take a road trip to take a road trip, take the back roads and enjoy the places you many come across. From what i hear Cape Elizabeth is suppose to be nice and full of great places to check out.