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Mar 13, 2010 01:03 PM

Baby Friendly and Reasonably Nice?

Hi- I've posted before about trying to find kid friendly restaurants. It's the weekend of my big 33 and my husband wants to take me out to dinner. We have a 3 month old and no babysitter. Can anyone recommend a reasonably nice restaurant that would be okay with us taking a baby to? She would likely be sleeping the entire time. I'm not looking for something on the scale of Providence but something hopefully better than what people have been suggesting to me- i.e. Red Lobster, Cheesecake Factory which I wouldn't go to even without a baby.

I was thinking maybe Jiraffe? But everything I've read about it says not kid friendly and I don't remember ever seeing a kid there.

I'm looking for something on the Westside or as far east as West Hollywood. Preferably not Italian.


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  1. If you are eating early and your daughter is going to probably be sleeping then just eat wherever sounds good to you and your husband. Jiraffe or Wilshire or even Spago (Puck and his ex wife have always been very welcoming to families the times we ate there when our now 21 year old son was an infant).

    1. I've always seen babies when I've been to Anisette for brunch, but I've never been there for dinner. That might work. But I agree with Servorg--I think it would be okay to bring a baby to many restaurants if you are willing to eat early (like a 5:30 reservation). So you might want to just think about where you want to go, and take the extra step of calling the restaurant to ask if they are baby-friendly.

      1. We used to take our infant to Jinpachi on Santa Monica and sit upstairs. It's relatively private up there so there's no stress and really good sushi.