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Mar 13, 2010 11:58 AM

Finalizing plans for dinner in Rome

I have posted before that my husband and I and our 2 adult children will be in Rome in June for our 25th Anniversary. The more I look, the more I get confused. Any help on the final 3 restaurants we are considering would be helpful. Here are the 3 we are considering:

Vladimiro/Marcello-from everything I have read, it is a good place?

Edy-we are actually staying in the penthouse apartment above Edy, so the location is good for us. anyone had experience here?

Il Bacaro-Really like the look of this place

Any other suggestions very welcome. also, once I decide, ho0w do you actually make reservations? I have emailed a few restaurants and never received a reply from any of them.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. From my last reply to you on this, you can tell I'm partial to Vladimiro for the type of dinner you want to have. I think if you order the special dinner that I wrote about, you will eat very well and have a great memory of the place and of what you ate. In the many years I have posted about this restaurant, only 1 person was not keen on it, but everyone else thought as highly of it as we do.

    As for Il Bacaro, I did a lot of searching to find out more about it both on the Chowhound board and elsewhere. Sounds like an OK place but several mixed reviews and only 1 review on the Chowhound board. If it were a really good place, I would expect to see it come up there more than once. It is also not within short walking distance from your apartment (near Piazza Navona). I find nothing on Edy to make it stand out and Maureen Fant noted it as "not A list" as far as Roman restaurants go.
    You should also try (not for this special dinner, but for a very interesting and good meal) Palatium, which is quite near your apartment. Food and wines are all from Lazio province and they do some very interesting things. Try it for lunch and go to the dining room upstairs for a quieter dining environment (first floor is an enoteca and a bit too noisy for our taste).

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    1. re: CJT

      Vladimiro it is. I do really love the look and sound of this place, and can only find good things about it. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

      How can I make a reservation? I have tried emailing, but no anwer from them. It will be June 1, so hate to just wait until we arrive that day.

      Again, thanks!

      1. re: cacoes

        Whenever we wanted to go to Vladimiro, we just asked our hotel concierge to call and reserve, but I think you won't be in a hotel and don't have that service. But my guess is that, since June 1 is a Tuesday, you won't really need a reservation. If you were goinng on a Saturday night, it might be needed, but seating 4 of you on a Tuesday will not ordinarily cause them a hiccup. When we went this past December we made a reservation but it was not really necessary as the place was far from full. We went at 8 PM, which is too early for most Romans to dine. You might want to show up at that time if that's convenient for you - but don't worry, they have several rooms they can seat guest in.

        1. re: CJT

          Here is a link to the restaurants website which should work. You can email your reservation request. It is a great place to be on a summer night.

      2. re: CJT

        Edy is not A list, but if you are staying right above it, it is certainly good enough to be your local. Do announce that you're staying upstairs for several days.

        I second Palatium. I have friends who love Il Bacaro but I haven't been. I've never been to Vladimiro, and nothing I've read makes me want to hurry over there. But I live here.

        1. re: mbfant

          Thanks for agreeing on Palatium. Its location near their apartment is another reason to go there.
          I understand why you personally haven't been to Vladimiro, but I always recommend the place for those VISITORS who may be celebrating a special occasion or or in Rome for just a few days who want a very good meal to remember their stay by . When my wife and I go to Rome (5 one-week stays in the last 11 years, most recently in December), we search out places or dishes we've never tried before and have been successful in finding worthwhile ones each trip.
          But on every vist, we always go to Vladimiro for this special dinner because it never disappoints us and it has thrilled those of our grown children who have accompanied us to Rome on some trips. In addition, friends and neighbors we've told about it thank us for the recommendation. In fact a neighbor couple liked it so much on their first trip to Rome that they went back a second time for the same meal on another day..

          1. re: CJT

            do they offer anything other than the meat and potatoes second course? it sounds like a HEAVY meal.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Vladimiro offers a full regular menu of antipasti, primi, carne, pesce, etc., as any good restaurant does. I personally recommend this special meal menu because it involves lots or different homemade antipasti, 3 different pastas each in a different sauce, and the roast veal for meat course. It is great food at a very reasonable price in a nice Roman setting. Each time we have been there, several other tables were eating and enjoying the same meal we had.
              Last visit we saw other Italians and non-Italians ordering from the menu but those who seemed to be most enjoying the evening were having the 3-course meal. I have never known any Chowhounder who went there for this dinner and felt it was not up to the praise I've given it.

      3. Thanks for all of the comments.

        I guess what we are looking for is a small-ish, authentic, nice, neighborhood place. Nice atmosphere...a place where they might appreciate it is a special milestone for us. I like the fact that Il Bacaro does not have an English translation in its website:) We have a knack of finding places we like pretty quickly when traveling, but we will be flying in from Paris on our anniversary, and so might not have our bearings quite yet. If any one has any other ideas, we are definitely open.

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        1. re: cacoes

          Based on my understanding of what you are looking for to celebrate a momentous event in your married lives and where you will be staying in Rome, I am certain you will find Vladimiro to be authentic, nice, "smallish" (they originally had 2 dining rooms, then added a 3rd for wedding receptions and other larger events, but on a weekday evening, you will most likely find only one room being used). We are celebrating 45 years of marriage this year and like this place for the exact reasons you mention. The wait staff and manager will serve you well and attentively. If you read my post on our visit there in December 2009, you'll note that they brought a tray of mozzarella with sliced tomatoes and basil, but when I told them my wife was allergic to raw tomatoes, they left the platter for me to eat as I wished, then brought her an entire plate of excellent prosciutto. Then in the next course, instead of serving us 3 pastas, with one being in tomato sauce, they, ON THEIR OWN, substituted a risotto with vegetables to avoid the tomato issue -- it was delicious! As far a we are concerned, that was excellent and very personal service.
          I've not seen any postings in Chowhound for the other places you were thinking of, so I offer you my recommendation based on multiple visits to Vladimiro over several years.
          This will be my last post on this, as other posters will think I am shilling for this restaurant and that's not the case.