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Mar 13, 2010 11:06 AM


Saw this asked of Bmore restaurants.

I've never seen a BYOB in D.C. to my knowledge. What's the deal here? Does D.C. law allow BYOB?

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  1. Some DC restaurants will allow you to bring your own bottle of wine on specific nights usually a Monday or Tuesday. They charge a corking fee. Check out Lavandou in Cleveland Park.

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    1. re: Singletraveler

      In Cleveland Park, Dino waives corkage on Monday and Tuesday (and Wednesday? not sure).

      Charlie Palmer waives corkage for American wines every day and all wines on Fridays.

    2. Actually, most places will allow you to bring your own wine, though many charge a corkage fee ranging from $10 -$25. Corkage fees greater than $25 are illegal.

      I have never seen a restaurant with a BYOB policy that extends to beer or liquor, and I do not know of the regulations with regard to those.

      However, HR-57 is a non-profit BYOB Jazz Club between Dupont and Logan Circles, and you can definitely bring a six-pack there. Plus, they'll fix you up with a hot plate of soul food. Check it out.

      1. Sadly, DC does not have a BYOB scene like Philly. DC's liquor laws don't make it any easier to be a BYOB over selling liquor so most places go for full service. I think the City Council & Mayor should change this. Every once in a while we see a place open before it has its full liquor license... but it is rare.

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          a list of several places that have 4 day and 3 day a week free corkage. The rest seem to have 1 day a week. Not Philly, but better than nothing.

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            For most of the places listed, there is a corkage fee.

            Most of the places listed have corkage fees.

            I know Dino has free corkage Monday - Wednesday and a $20 corkage fee other nights, but they waive the fee if you buy a bottle.

        2. Bumping this thread to see if anyone has recs. Particularly any Ethiopian restaurants. I've taken advantage of free corkage at Charlie Palmer and Founding Farmers and loved it.

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            I don't know of any BYOB Ethiopian, but I can say that Zenebech Injera serves the best Ethiopian I've had.

            Thai X-ing IS a BYOB, the only one I've come across in the District.

          2. although not in DC it does get a lot of play on this board and does draw from DC and is BYOB and fantastic- Grace Garden Chinese in Odenton, MD. jump in your car and go.