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New vietnamese sandwich place

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Has anybody tried Home vietnamese sandwiches on 5th Ave between 4th and 5th St in Park Slope? I'm wondering if they are any good.

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  1. Apparently no one has tried it yet. You should be the guinea pig and find out, and then let us know! :)

    1. Not as good as Hanco in my opinion. I've only been once but my grilled pork sandwich was noticeably skimpier on contents than a comparable one at Hanco.

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        I had the same and feel the same, plus the bread sucks. I'm not a Hanco fan either. I think Nicky's is decidedly better for Brownstone Brooklyn banh mi.


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          I agree with you about Nicky's vs Hancos. But if I'm going to travel, (I live on 5th Ave), I'll go to Ba Xuyen for half the price for a bigger sandwich.