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RI female owned restaurants

My fiancee is on the board of RINOW, a group devoted to womens progressive rights. They are looking for restaurants owned by females to hold special events and gatherings. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I believe Rue de l'espoir is female owned, as is Gracie's. And Chez Pascal and Persimmon are owned by husband and wife teams.

    1. Prime Time Cafe and Mermaid Cafe, both in Westerly, are female-owned.

      1. Athena's, a new diner/cafe in Cranston, is I believe owned by a woman.

        I was there for breakfast this week and it was quite good.


        1. Turtle Soup, in NG, is owned by a female couple.

          1. Farmstead is owned by a woman (and her husband).

            1. CAV in Providence is, I believe, owned by a woman. the Village Restaurant (African) in Pawtucket is owned by a woman. Of course, Al Forno is owned by a husband and wife team.

              1. Bruna's Table in Westerly.

                Prime Time Cafe is actually over the bridge in Pawcatuck, CT.

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                  in newport,theres Salvation cafe,noreys,and sapo-the freaky burrito,,

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                    Tricia's Tropigrille in Jamestown...?

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                      dont know about tropigrill,but simpatico accross the street is female owned

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                        Blaze on Hope Street (Prov) is owned by a female couple, as is the Liberty Diner on Elmwood Ave (Prov).

                        Liberty Diner
                        290 East St, Plainville, CT 06062

                2. went to Blaze for birthday dinner last night and was one of the best since living in RI. Mussels were fantastic, Voo-doo Shrimp and Portabella steak were winners. will go back soon to try more, Staff was very professional. It was a wonderful evening and we eat out often. Although meat was on the menu, I appreciate excellent non meat choices in a warm environment. We can't wait to go back. The dessert I got to go did not make it to the car.

                  Blaze Eastside
                  776 Hope St, Providence, RI 02906

                  1. Tinas', on the hill. Her goat soup is the best.