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I drive between Brooklyn NY and Indiana, and was stopping (with a bit of a detour) in Uniontown PA so I could eat at Chez Gerard in Hopwood. Since they have closed, I'm now seeking another spot for my overnight stop.
I'm looking for a place around Washington PA. I'd prefer a place I can relax, have a glass or two of wine and a nice dinner.
I've noticed two spots on opentable.com- Angelo's and Bistecca at the Meadows. My wife also found the Century Inn in Scenery Hills PA in an old tour book.
Any thoughts on these three spots, or any other suggestions?
I'd note that we stayed once at the Nemacolin resort, and didn't care for it at all.
Thanks for your help.

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  1. I would surely recommend you look into Bado Cucina. From your post, you might like that this is a BYOB, so if you have some favorites in your cellar, bring them along. This is only a short drive north on rt. 19 from Washington. I know the economy is bad, but I think, in this case, I would try to call in for a reservation.


    1. I have not eaten there, but it's stuck in my head because a few others on CH have recommended it as I recall:


      The Back Porch. This place is easy to get to off I-70 halfway between Uniontown and Washington. As I typed this I was thinking it might not be the easiest place to find even a half decent room for the night, but there is at least a Hampton Inn fairly nearby (though you'll have to get back on the highway and cross the river). There could be other places to stay too; that's just a quick search. for hotels.

      If you venture a little north from Washington you can perhaps try Bado's Cucina or maybe the Classroom, but again I only know from other mentions. (I believe the former is BYOB, though, which is probably not desirable when passing through. Don't know about the latter.)

      I suppose you could do worse than Bistecca; here's the review from last fall. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/09288/... Angelo's doesn't look appealing to me, looks pretty standard Italian-American type place, maybe I'm wrong.

      Or, just detour through Pittsburgh and have some choices. ;-) It really wouldn't be that much of a detour really. But if you're not going to do that, I think the Back Porch is probably worth a try once anyway, and if you like it, well, there you go.

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        The Back Porch is an excellent suggestion. I caught whatever is going around, and my brain is fuzzy. So I didn't mention it because I thought it too far away. Of course it isn't. It's in Speers right under the Bell Vernon Bridge on Rt. 70. My Magellan always finds it for me. And we're always amazed that a restaurant that good could survive there.

      2. Ah, both places look terrific-The Back Porch, especially. Bado's byob policy certainly would work for me, but I generally slip out of NY early Sunday morning to avoid the horrific traffic, and I see they are closed on Sunday.
        I have considered that Pittsburgh isn't that far out of the way, but we've stopped there before and sometimes I prefer a smaller-town environment, especially if I can help support a worthy independent restaurant in an unlikely spot.
        We are swinging up to Cleveland on our spring trip, so this is advance preparation for our trip in August. Thanks so much for your help-I will report back if we end up eating at either spot.

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          I'll second both the Back Porch and Bado's cucina. The Century Inn is a great historic old inn that is really beautiful. They have good food, but not on par with the other recommendations. I would stay away from Angelos. It's not bad, but can't compare to the others.


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            I went to the Back Porch about a year and a half ago. The food was so mediocre that I can't bring myself to return. I really wanted to like it as I live about 20 min. away and there aren't a whole lot of restaurants out my way.

        2. I'll revive this old thread to report on our visit to the Back Porch restaurant.
          First, not to insult the fine folks in Belle Vernon, but this may not be the most charming spot I've ever been...while it is near the water, there isn't really a view and some less-than-savory lots are nearby...once you are inside, it is a charming old house.
          The service was very good and correct. Wines by the glass were limited but sufficient to my needs.
          We had a really good chilled cucumber soup, a tomato salad that was the peak of freshness, and mixed seafood special and the duck. Both were quite tasty, though I would say the preparation was a bit old fashioned-that's not bad in my book, so long as it's well done.
          We were faced with a formidable array of desserts, but limited ourselves to a selection of ice creams.
          This most certainly met my criteria, and the nearby Hampton Inn was easy to get back to. Thanks again for the suggestion.

          Back Porch Restaurant
          114 Speer St, Belle Vernon, PA 15012

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          1. On our anniversary my wife and I go to Angelos. They are a 2nd generation tradition in the Washington area and we very much like the italian specialties and the friendly service in their new building. Plus, they are only a minute or two from I-70.

            1. As a Washington, PA resident, I must say that the food in the area is serviceable/functional AT BEST. I have resorted to eating in a great deal more and traveling north for anything worth the calorie intake or price. Angelo's is trite (no matter what new cheap decor they try to surround their food). I am begging the Big Burrito group to expand into our area. It's sad when the Wheeling area has more suitable cuisine (all be it mostly chains). The only bright spots in the area are Osso's pizza and Bartram House Bakery. *foodie sigh*

              House Bakery
              4120 Washington Rd, Canonsburg, PA 15317

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                Agreed! There are a few places - Golden Pig - Cecil PA, Claudio's - Bridgeville/Upper St.Clair, Bado's - McMurray. Others?

                Golden Pig
                3201 Millers Run Rd, Cecil, PA 15321

                1. re: David W

                  Have not been. However, a quick look tells me that there are two locations, both attached to motels, if that tells you anything. I checked just a couple of bottles of wine, and they were priced 3X the Pa State Store price. Unfortunately, that's common around here. One wine I noticed is
                  $12.99 by the bottle in the State Store and $11 by the glass on Jackson's menu. FWIW

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                    I've had a couple of meals there and really enjoyed it. It's mostly a steak place. At one time, the served a filet cooked on the bone that was tremendous! I don't think thats offered anymore.


                    1. re: David W

                      Not good. waste of money. The atmosphere is bad as well.

                      1. re: six dower

                        WOW! After these last two reports, I'm wondering if you both went to Southpointe or did one of you go to the Jackson's out by the airport?

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                            six downer: seems we have similar taste. I found Jacksons to be average at best with elevated prices. *sigh* Now I hear they have scaled back the retail/food plans in Southpointe because of the demand for office space.

                    2. I haven't been there in almost a year, but I have enjoyed the BBQ pork at Hogfather's, near one of the exits off I-70 (someone will have to help me with a better address). The chicken was less impressive. The fried onion straws are good, but eat them quickly, because they get soggy as they cool. I also like their sweet tea, but I'm not Southern or a purist when it comes to sweet tea.

                      I'm going up there next weekend, I'll have to try Bado Cucina. What's it near?

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                        It's probably about 200 yards from Donaldson's Crossroads in the north east quadrant. Right on rt. 19.

                      2. I wanted to report on a recent meal we had at Angelo's in Washington PA, the weekend before Christmas.
                        The place was fairly busy on a Sunday evening, but the service was good the entire night. We had skipped lunch on the drive, so we were hungry.
                        I had the mushroom stuffed with crab, which had a nice lemon/butter sauce, the salad-fresh, nothing special, and the meat ravioli, which had a tomato sauce-well prepared.
                        My wife had the pasta fagioli soup, which was fine, and the Pasta Angelina, which was a cavatappi with a tomato-vegetable sauce and cheese-good, and a very generous portion.
                        The wines by the glass were OK-basic, but good. My one problem-I switched wines for the second glass and my young waiter poured the new wine into the old glass...not horrible, but still...
                        We finished with a terrrific walnut torte and some gelato and coffee.

                        So-I won't dream about my meal at Angelo's, but it was a pretty decent meal for a fair price, and it was right off of the highway (and across the street from our hotel, so we could walk there) and it fulfilled all my basic needs.

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                          Exactly at BEST it's merley functional...that is Angelo's in a nutshell at it's prime its only functional as a means to an end. I wish they would step up their game and hire competent chefs and staff. To be honest as I have mentioned if you have access to make your own food that would be better than eating here. Recently there was a nice article in the Trib about Palazzo:


                          Maybe worth a shot?

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                            We stop in western PA on our way to Indiana from NY, and especially in winter I'm usually looking for something easy-we used to go out of our way for Chez Gerard down in Hopwood, but since they closed I've been looking for a new place.
                            Palazzo certainly looks interesting, so I'll keep it in mind. Please keep us posted if you eat there.