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Looking for a good rib eye steak

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I've scoured the boards...where can we find a good rib eye steak? It's a celebration dinner so a nicer atmosphere would be a plus.

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  1. Rib Eye is my fav cut of steak. I usually get it, Medium Rare, when I dine at Donovan's in LJ.

    1. i haven't been there yet, but everyone raves about the rib eye at Cowboy Star - might be worth reading through the related threads. if it helps, i've noticed that you get better search results when you use the alternate single-word ribeye spelling.

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        The best rib eye I have ever had in San Diego was at Cowboy Star....so I second this!

        1. *Bison Rib Eye* Cowboy Star.

          1. I just finished stuffing my face w/ an excellent rib eye from Donovan's. Now it's time for a Tums. Definitely has the nice atmosphere!

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              You finished that honking ribeye? Everytime I go there, I get hung up on the bread, deadly good! and end up taking half my ribeye home. Oh well, I have no dicipline except for ordering the creme brule, no matter how full I am.

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                finished 3/4 of it. S.O. had the other 1/4. :-)

            2. Thank you everyone...two excellent recommendations...and both have bone in rib eyes!
              I agree with the votes for Donovan's having been to the LJ location in the past. Time to try out Cowboy Star and taste their offering.
              Followed the suggestion to try "ribeye" and it did result in a much better search.
              Thank you again...from those of us who love rib eye and dream of our next "fix".

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                Get back to us, after you nosh, with your comments.

              2. My first premium steak experience, Ruth's Chris a decade ago. I've been hooked since. Not just ruth's, but steaks. Ruths' Donovans, Flemings, I've tried all of them, Al decent, not any of them great (a bad steak can still be pretty good at these places). I've been up to Orange County for Mastros which is good too (my gf loves their pretzel bread so she demands we visit).

                When to country star this weekend (I wanted cafe chloe, she said, "Steak" I think i've got a keeper). I ordered the bone in rib chip, although debated just getting the 14 oz ribe eye.

                Topped with bleucheese crust and marrow on the side. Not wanting the cheese to interfere with my tasting i cut a piece bare of cheese. It was well seasoned, with a good crust and tender meat. It was a winner. with the cheese, and bernaise sauce it was divine. Iit is indeed, one of the best steaks I've had, my gf thinks it's the best she's ever had period.

                It's not thick cut like you will see others serve. IT was a very good seasoned tender but seared cut . Will be back for srue. Maybe at the bar with the bar menus,steak and frites, mussels.

                I went it exepecting to possibly be disspointed, maybe surprised. I was definitely surupsed.

                I wrote this on half an ambien so It might ring incoheren but everything i said is true. :) It was a great experiencethere.