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Mar 13, 2010 09:38 AM

Goat's milk products in Edmonton

Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone has a preferred source for things like goat's milk yogurt and butter? I haven't seen them in Edmonton, though admittedly I haven't been looking too hard. I know that Liberté makes both, but I've only seen them in other cities. And if I could find anything more local, that would be great.

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  1. Planet Organic is your best bet, they have a few different brands. I think I even saw ice cream.

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      Thanks! I'll be sure to stop by there soon.

    2. The other chhoice is SuperStore. I know I got goats milk yogurt there a while ago. Don't know about butter.

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        1. I have been drinking goat milk happily in Edmonton for more than a decade. I use to live neardowntown and found the Save-on-foods, superstores and Safeways nearly always have Goat milk in their coolers. All over town. Goatmilk yogurt is rarely and more difficult to find. I have found the yogurt at Planet organic on Jasper. I don't care for goat milk yogurt. I'm still on the hunt for goat milk ice cream though.

          1. Smoky Valley has a new stall at the City Centre farmer's market - they had milk, yogurt and multiple cheeses.

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              I bought some Smoky Valley products a couple weeks ago at the market. The yoghurt was very good though I'm not a huge fan of plain yoghurt...I'll stick with Bles-Wold's vanilla. However, the cheeses - I bought both St. Maure and Valencay, were incredible! I'l definitely be going back for more.