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Mar 13, 2010 09:36 AM

Dog friendly by the beach

Any suggestions for dog friendly restaurants in the Marina, Venice or Santa Monica?

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  1. Define "by the beach"? On it? A few blocks? A mile? Beach view required?

    1. Unfortunately, dogs aren't allowed in restaurants - it's the law. Don't ask me to recite or cite but it's pretty much common knowledge. The gray area is when an eatery has some sort of outdoor area, i.e., patio/deck. Even then, dogs aren't technically allowed in this area. The trick is to be seated on the edge of the outdoor area that is adjacent to the "public" area. A lot of places in the Westside and other dog-intensive areas that have such areas are pretty understanding about owners wanting to be with their pooches, so as long as you follow the general rules, you should be okay at most places with outdoor eating areas that are bordered by sidewalks, parking areas, etc.

      I spend tons of time in Venice. For me, the most idilic places are two. 3 Square and French Market Cafe, both on Abbot Kinney. Both have good to great food, both have outdoor seating areas where dogs can sit close by if not directly adjacent to the owners and it's rare to be at either place when no dogs are around.

      1. if you go a little further north to Malibu, the Malibu Country Mart has plenty of outdoor seating where we've taken our dog. Also Neptune's Net has an outdoor area. At Malibu Seafood, there's an area near the parking lot with outdoor tables where you can sit with the dog too

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