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Mar 13, 2010 08:57 AM

Inn the Park for just crumpets & tea? [London]

My husband and I will be having breakfast at Inn the Park at 10:00 AM -- the earliest time they had -- on Easter Sunday. We aren't interested in a big breakfast, just crumpets & tea. Is this acceptable or does Inn the Park have a special buffet on Easter? We have lunch reservations at 12:30, so the stop at Inn the Park is really only for the view. Just not sure if Inn the Park is more of a restaurant or a cafe....


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    1. re: JanePond

      The breakfast (and other) menus are also on the website. Crumpets seem to be a standard item - and there doesnt seem to be any mention of a breakfast buffet.

    2. Do you mean Inn On the Park? And nobody in England has crumpets for breakfast. Crumpets are for tea time which is 4pm or thereabouts.

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      1. re: smartie

        I thought both your comments, smartie. So I Googled and it is Inn the Park (a posh caff in St James' Park). And, oddly, yes they have crumpets on the breakfast menu (presumably so the staff can play "spot the foreigner". LOL)

        1. re: Harters

          From what I remember, John, Inn the Park (another destination yet to visti) is owned by Oliver Peyton, that renowed judge we get to see each year. I eat crumpets on occasion for breakfast.. they're like English muffins (U.S. style). :-)

          1. re: Harters

            Walked into my kitchen this morning and saw my Australian cousin (who's staying with me while visiting London). He was busy toasting crumpets for breakfast...

            Hadn't told him about this thread, honest! Maybe it's an Australian thing too. I used to eat them in the morning as a child.

            1. re: deansa

              Nowt wrong with Crumpets for brekkie, Bill Grainger's "Sydney Food" even has a recipe for home made ones in its breakfast section. Although Oliver Peyton is Irish.....