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Favorite Shortbread Flavor?

I'm planning on making shortbread for St. Patrick's day - both for me and hubby, as well as to bring to work (about 15 coworkers). I was toying with doing a variety of flavors, and am trying to figure out what ones to do. So far, my ideas are

Cheddar (for a bit of savory)

Any other favorite flavors or recipes that you would recommend?

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  1. I've been experimenting for some time.
    The hits have been:
    Rosemary & orange peel
    Honey & lavendar
    Vanilla bean
    Ginger bits and pecans
    Ground black pepper
    Ground pistachio
    Parm cheese & basil shreds
    Smoked paprika

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      Mm, that candied ginger and pecan combo sounds divine.

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        One of my favs too!

        And, the whole tea leaf series was a big hit with company.

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          huh, interesting - how does that work?

          Do you put in leaves from a box of loose tea like follows? http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I...

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            Like this :) Lots of variations; include green tea powder works well.

      1. My signature shortbread is Earl Grey and orange zest, and that's always a hit. I also like black pepper and vanilla.If you've never tried the lavender, though, do.

        1. Can anyone recommend a good base recipe for adding ingredients to?

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            I've road tested quite a few recipes and happily settled on Nigella Lawson's shortbread cookie; beautifully adaptable as seen here. Enjoy!

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              I'll take that to heart. Thanks!

          2. I'd have to say plain, maybe with a bit of vanilla. I love shortbread, but am always disappointed when I bite into a flavored one.

            1. Lemon peel and vanilla
              Lemon peel and almond

              I am surprised no one has mentioned these yet. They are my absolute favourites and I thought they are classic.

              1. Just buttery sweet. No flavors but aged for two weeks.

                1. I like to make Shortbread with Graham Flour. Just substitute, or replace a portion of regular flour.

                  1. Pecan, chopped very very fine. That's it.

                    1. i love brown sugar shortbread:
                      1 cup butter
                      1 cup dark brown sugar
                      1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped out (toss the husk into your sugar bin)
                      1-2 tsp vanilla, depending upon preference
                      2 cups flour
                      1/4 tsp kosher salt

                      beat butter til lightened. mix vanilla bean scrapings into brown sugar, then beat sugar into butter. mix in vanilla. combine flour with salt and add flour to butter/sugar, trying not to overmix.

                      grease a springform pan, and press dough into a circle. (optionally, at this point, mix 1 tbsp white sugar with 1 tsp or less cinnamon and sprinkle dough). cut into 12 wedges. bake at 325 for 50 min or until firm and golden. cut into wedges again.

                      1. I opted for Rosemary and Irish Whiskey. The rosemary was perfect. The irish whiskey, while I think was fitting for St. Pat's didn't have a strong enough flavor.

                        Thanks for all the advice. I might just need to make shortbread more often because there are too many more flavors I want to try.

                        1. I'm late to this party, but brown butter is excellent as well.