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Mar 13, 2010 08:16 AM

New coffee bar opening at Jones and Gerrard

It looks like a new coffee bar is opening up at Gerrard and Galt, just west of Jones. It's pretty much across the street from where the new burger shop, Great Burger Kitchen, is opening. If you know the area, it's where the internet cafe used to be.

So far there's just an "Opening Soon" sign in the window with the name, Grinder, so it's probably weeks away from opening.

Hopefully it'll be as good as the other coffeehouses in the area, saving me the trip to Te Aro and Mercury!

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  1. YES! I'm assuming it's an offshoot of the Main and Gerrard location. That used to be the 2nd Mercury Espresso shop but, due to an amicable split with the owners, they renamed it grinder. They are really intense about their espressos. Not sure which beans they use but if I remember it was the Black Cat blend.

    That moribund strip needs more stuff like this. Thanks for the heads up, TOveggie!

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    1. re: thegory

      Hey thegory thanks for filling in the details. I didn't know that about Mercury. I love their coffee but Grinder is right around the corner from me, so I'll definitely be there.

      Agreed that the area could use some new blood. So soon it'll be a veggie burger/onion rings meal at Great Burger followed by an espresso at Grinder!

      Can't wait!

      1. re: TOveggie

        Yes Gerrard Street is due for something like this, it will be welcome. I noticed a sign while passing on the streetcar but didn't catch it, thanks for the details.

        Every area needs a cafe. It makes a positive contribution to any neighbourhood to have a place you can walk to, hang out at, bump into neighbours etc.

        1. re: East Ender

          I recently had a shot of big bro at their main st location and it was amazing. The barista knew what they were doing. The people here are so friendly! I think it's fantastic they're opening a new place, and I'm glad they will have a menu. Great they are going down that route.

          1. re: jwhitereview

            the best part is they probably only chose one roaster.

            1. re: thegory

              I find that I like trying different beans and roasts, as long as the selection is well done and freshness is not compromised.

              It's been a long time since I visited on Main Street, but found the Black Cat that they were serving then too bright for my taste. Took some home, and found the same, although it was nice in milk