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Mar 13, 2010 07:31 AM

Star of India Was Just Ordinary Lunch

I ate here recently and must say that it is similar to Tandoor, in New Haven, and others that serve very standard and ordinary Indian food. Not bad (and I ordered unusual food), but also no big deal. Service was accaptable, but again, ordinary. I will keep looking for something that even comes close to Thali or Darbar in Branford.
Next is Coromandel...
Note: not many pictures as it was hard to take them and not raise suspicion. They seemed curious and I was only one of two customers for lunch!

Star of India
157 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT 06477

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  1. Scargod, your comment about photographing was so funny. I remember one time taking pictures at Ola in Orange upstairs (tables are really tight). The folks sitting next to us immediately looked over, so I smiled and told them I was a food critic from the NYTimes. For a second, they thought I was serious. . .

    1. I think that you will like Coromandel much more,though I have not been there in a while, they have a more unique menu, and a very nice atmosphere. Star of India location seems to change hands (or names) every year or so and has always been ordinary.
      There is another place further down the Post Rd (I think it is called Swagat) mostly take out, that the NYT liked. It is in a row of shops just past Forest Ave. I will try it soon and post