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Vacuum sealer

I bought a very inexpensive vacuum sealer at the marker with the zip lock bags but was not totally satisfied with result I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars but I would spend over a hundred to get a machine that will do a good job of sealing my meat and produce for freezing.

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  1. here is a site that lists reviews of sealers. I think it is helpful. You can also google "food sealer reviews" for more


    1. I have a fairly basic foodsaver — v2830. It's no longer available on the manufacturer's website, but you can find them online. Mine came from Kohl's. I'm easily pleased if it's 1) easy to use 2) works properly every time — this one fills both requirements.

      1. Try one of these:


        It takes some practice to get the technique down, but the machine is about $100 and the bags cost a small fraction of those for a Foodsaver or Seal a meal. I've been using one for couple of years now and like it just fine. It does not pull as strong a vacuum compared to my old Foodsaver, but that does not seem to make a difference in how long something keeps in the freezer.

        1. Here's a (recent) previous discussion on the subject:


          1. I use a foodsaver pro 3. I doubt that it matters much which one, although I went with mine because it has a stronger pump that some of the others. I don't use the bags I buy the rolls. In fact, I usually buy the 50 foot generic rolls off ebay rather than the more expensive faoodsaver bags. Even so the rolls are fairly expensive.

            I have found nothing prevents freezer burn better than vacuum sealed bag. No oxygen no freezer burn.

            I like boneless pork chops. I buy an entire boneless pork loin (about 8 pounds) on sale. I have gotten them as low as $1.00 per pound. I trim the fat and hand slice the loin into 3/4 inch slices and freeze 4 at a time. I separate them by wax paper. I usually get 27 - 30 pork chops per roast. That is 3-4 meals at 2 chops per person, 4 people in the family. Not bad for $8.00

            1. You don't need to spend hundreds.

              I've had mine for 10 years, it's great and it goes for about $100 now. You can get them online or at Costco. It keeps meat fabulously frozen and fresh. The trick is to partially freeze to get firm and then vacuum.

              I have the FoodSaver. I think it's MUCH better than the Rival SealAMeal.

              1. I have a FoodSaver for more than 7 years. It get used regularly during the first year but not so much anymore. I use the FoodSaver primarily to vacuum pack stakes or ribs bought in bulk from Costco. As far as vacuum sealing is concern, the FoodSaver worked very well. No freezer burn and the meat stay fresh for a long time. The bags are expansive but you can reuse them. With that said, I don't think the FoodSaver is a good investment. Unless you plan to freeze your meat for months, a good double plastic wrap and freezer bag work just fine. I use a giant roll of Kirkland Stretch Tite wrap from Costco, stretch wrap the meat with 3 or 4 layers of plastic than bag it in a freezer bag. Much more cost effective. The key is to stretch wrap the meat multiple times so the plastic cling together to provide a good seal.

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                  It's more cost effective to use four layers of plastic wrap than one reusable bag?

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                    One plastic wrap roll from Costco lasted me 3 years and counting. I forgot how much it cost but it was in the neighborhood of $10, $15. The FoodSaver bags are reusable but you have to cut open the part where it seals, which means each bag can only be reused a few times before it become too small. Not to mention the washing and drying before each reuse. In the long run plastic wraps cost a lot less.

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                      I'll stick with the Foodsaver. It's more dummy (i.e. me) proof, despite the cost of the bags.

                2. I got my foodsaver at Cabela's for $78. I get the roll bags at BJ's pretty reasonably.