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Mar 13, 2010 06:44 AM

Vacuum sealer

I bought a very inexpensive vacuum sealer at the marker with the zip lock bags but was not totally satisfied with result I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars but I would spend over a hundred to get a machine that will do a good job of sealing my meat and produce for freezing.

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  1. here is a site that lists reviews of sealers. I think it is helpful. You can also google "food sealer reviews" for more

    1. I have a fairly basic foodsaver — v2830. It's no longer available on the manufacturer's website, but you can find them online. Mine came from Kohl's. I'm easily pleased if it's 1) easy to use 2) works properly every time — this one fills both requirements.

      1. Try one of these:

        It takes some practice to get the technique down, but the machine is about $100 and the bags cost a small fraction of those for a Foodsaver or Seal a meal. I've been using one for couple of years now and like it just fine. It does not pull as strong a vacuum compared to my old Foodsaver, but that does not seem to make a difference in how long something keeps in the freezer.

        1. Here's a (recent) previous discussion on the subject:

          1. I use a foodsaver pro 3. I doubt that it matters much which one, although I went with mine because it has a stronger pump that some of the others. I don't use the bags I buy the rolls. In fact, I usually buy the 50 foot generic rolls off ebay rather than the more expensive faoodsaver bags. Even so the rolls are fairly expensive.

            I have found nothing prevents freezer burn better than vacuum sealed bag. No oxygen no freezer burn.

            I like boneless pork chops. I buy an entire boneless pork loin (about 8 pounds) on sale. I have gotten them as low as $1.00 per pound. I trim the fat and hand slice the loin into 3/4 inch slices and freeze 4 at a time. I separate them by wax paper. I usually get 27 - 30 pork chops per roast. That is 3-4 meals at 2 chops per person, 4 people in the family. Not bad for $8.00